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What Our Guests Say

Wildside’s leaders have enjoyed trips with thousands of participants since our beginnings in 1993. Take a look at what some of them have to say about us!

If you have been on a tour with us, please use the form below to add a comment at the bottom of the page!

I have had the pleasure and joy of being on five Wildside Birding trips. I have found Kevin and his associate leaders, Glenn Crawford and Paula Mandracchia, to be extremely competent and thoughtful. If you are considering a birding trip, you will find Glenn a “bird magnet”. He can hear and find birds, then help you to find them. Paula has an insatiable curiosity for all creatures. I would go on any trip I could with Wildside Birding whether or not it was the first time Kevin had led a group there — he is an excellent birder, photographer, organizer and by now for me a good friend. “GO!”

We had an outstanding time that was due to you Adrian.  Thanks for always being so enthusiastic and energetic. I also appreciated the easy conversation.

Adrian, I just want to say a big THANK YOU for a wonderful trip!  I had a great time and really enjoyed getting to know you and bird with you.  It was easy to see why you were recommended to me.  I don’t know how you find enough energy to put in so many hours, do all that driving, and still keep all that enthusiasm to make sure we all had a chance to see everything. It was all great fun.

We enjoyed our trips (2004 & 2008) to Belize, good food, good lodging, good birds! We made many new friends. Kevin and Glenn are the best! Our trip to Puerto Rico was a great transect of the Island. We experienced total Puerto Rico, snorkeling, birding and wildflowers.

Simply wonderful to travel with Wildside Tours! Nowhere could you get a better combination of leaders than Glenn and Kevin! So much fun and productive, and we love the fact that they do not use tapes in the field but had oodles of birds just the same!

We have gone adventuring with Kevin and Glenn on five outstanding Wildside trips — Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Galapagos and Panama, and with Kevin and Paula on another great trip to Puerto Rico. Each trip made a huge impact on us. Obviously, the destinations are all fantastic, but our experiences were vastly enhanced by highly competent, professional and gentle guidance. These leaders are able to adjust their approach to each person according to particular interests and abilities. The smallness of the groups is such a plus. We were able to adjust our schedule to linger on special encounters and care was always given to assure we each saw and internalized as much as possible. The places we stayed were perfect accommodations for each particular situation, and ranged to five star. We encourage you make some of the best memories of your life — we did!

Kevin and Glenn’s trip to Belize was a fabulous experience. Kevin was well organized and took fabulous pictures that we viewed each evening after a day in the field. Glenn has extraordinary eyes and ears and loves to show the birds to others. This trip was great fun!

Without hesitation I can recommend Wildside Birding Tours. I went to Belize with them and had so much fun I went to costa rica with them the following year. Kevin is great at organizing tours and finding local places to stay that are near to the birds, so that as much time as possible is spent birding. Glenn’s ability to locate birds you will have to see to believe! Both are patient and make sure that everyone that wanted to see the bird sees it if at all possible. You won’t find better tour leaders anyplace!

I just wanted to thank you again for being such a great trip leader. I really appreciated everything you did for us and how organized you always were! It was a wonderful trip in every way and I’ll not soon forget the great time we had together.

You’ve got the knack with people handling and the birding.  We all had a great time.

Wow! This trip was a stunner, and I am highly recommending it to everyone I know. I hope to take many more trips with you, Adrian. Having spent a month in Morocco almost 40 years ago I was thrilled to return with you. You are a terrific guide; you know Morocco, its birds, customs, people, places, language and cuisine. The enjoyment you provided surpassed my highest expectations. It was fun to see you greeting old friends there with hugs, and your comfort and ease were infectious to participants. Just as enjoyable were your hilarious sense of humor, and the fun our group had together exploring this beautiful and timeless country.
The birds were great – you found and delivered them to us. Your spotting and identifying skills are truly impressive, and you are so patient and dedicated to providing participants with the ultimate birding experience, always with lots of 

You are to be complemented on your excellent planning, and the materials you provided to participants – the detail and depth of the itinerary and the General Information sheets prepared us well for the experience. The bird list was invaluable, enabling us to study & prepare for what we might see, & it was helpful to have the list of birds seen on each of your prior trips.

Adrian’s keen eye and incomparable knowledge of the birds and their behavior, which he readily shares, makes any trip with him a sheer delight. Not only did our Tanzania trip give us outstanding views of birds in the best possible lighting, but we also had superb views of  mammals, from the every largest–elephants–down to the adorable  little epauletted fruit bats. The fine accommodations, with their panoramic views of the endlessly fascinating African landscape, the excellent food, and a local guide, Ben, with a sharp eye and unsurpassed ear for the birds rounded out our never-to-be-forgotten East African safari. Should we forget a detail, all we need do is consult Adrian’s extensive daily trip report. Thanks again for an unforgettable adventure.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to India. Adrian is an outstanding leader with a thorough knowledge of the birds, history and culture of India. He was extremely helpful and patient in finding and identifying the birds and was an excellent teacher on the fine points of identification of similar species.

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the Snowcock trip….lot of great birding in 5 days!  Your expertise, teaching, and patience were much appreciated.

Adrian, thanks for a great trip! We thoroughly enjoyed birding with you again and appreciate all the extra effort you put into making the trip a learning experience as well as finding the birds.

I wish to thank you for the wonderful trip you led to South Florida and the DryTortugas.  It surpassed my expectations and I am amazed at your energy level from dawn to dusk.

Thank you for taking the extra time and effort to make sure Mary saw as much as possible. You were very patient. She greatly appreciated your kindness. I very much enjoyed the informative tidbits you often added to the experience- your knowledge was interesting and impressive. I also enjoyed the humor and lightheartedness you contributed. Your presence and warm, fun-loving personality was truly an enjoyment to Mary and I throughout the trip.

I think you are great professionals, knowledgeable birders and very caring about your fellow travelers. You are not afraid to share what you know and that is really important. I have been on other tours and yours are by far the best.

I was so impressed with your enthusiasm for the birds and constant effort to teach us, not to mention your ever-engaging wit.

Thanks again for leading a wonderful trip Adrian.  I loved your sense of humor and appreciated your patience and great people skills.

Robert Straub is fluent in Spanish and very knowledge about the area. There were no ‘language problems’ anywhere, making the trip run very smoothly.

Robert Straub is a tour leader who is enthusiastic and patient (and who seems to enjoy himself, too).

Robert Straub is the best guide that I have ever worked with. He really enjoys showing ‘his’ birds and ‘his’ chosen place to others.

I just have to say … you guys are superstars! With your awesome skills at showing birds to people, you made a LOT of people happy during the Biggest Week In American Birding! Thank you so much; we’ll look forward to seeing all of you again, back here in Ohio or somewhere else around the world!

I was lucky enough to meet and bird a little with the Wildside team at BWAB. You guys (and gal) are awesome – it was great meeting you all!

Got to meet a few of you at Magee Boardwalk this past week. You guys were wonderful. Thanks for all your help and knowledge. Hope to see you again next year!