Alaska Photo Adventure Cruise

With a maximum of only 8 participants on a private yacht, this trip offers the most intimate exploration available for this stunning region! Hands-on photo instruction throughout the trip will in[See Details...]

Ultimate Winter Wildlife of Yellowstone

There are very few places in North America that offer up the diversity of wildlife opportunities as Yellowstone National Park in the winter. As the icy fingers of Old Man Winter begin to grip the regi[See Details...]

Waterfowl Photography

LIMITED OPPORTUNITY TO PHOTOGRAPH A WATERFOWL SPECTACLE! We have a great location to photograph winter waterfowl up close and personal. The actual location will be disclosed in your registration p[See Details...]

Florida Birds Photo Workshop

Photograph herons, egrets, ducks, hawks and more during this entry-level to intermediate-level workshop. Our small group will include a maximum of only 6 participants. Scheduled to coincide with t[See Details...]

Tropical Birds and Monkeys of Belize Photo Workshop

This awesome workshop will include in-depth, hands-on photo instruction as we photograph birds, monkeys, butterflies, flowers, reptiles and local culture. Photoshop skills and image workflow will [See Details...]

Rainforest Birds and Poison Frogs of Panama

The above video was created for Tranquilo Bay Resort, our destination lodge… a spectacular location full of wildlife! This amazing Panama photo workshop will include in-depth, hands-on photo instr[See Details...]

Point and Shoot Nature Photography in Belize

Explore the nature photography possibilities of modern long-zoom Point and Shoot digital cameras in the company of other Point and Shoot photographers in the amazing tropical forests of Belize. A [See Details...]

Iceland’s Northern Lights

Iceland is known as the “Land of Fire & Ice”. Sitting due south of the Arctic circle, Iceland offers a unique landscape sculpted by two of the strongest forces, volcanos and glacie[See Details...]

UTAH Canyonscapes Photo Workshop

The striking vistas of Bryce Canyon, Capital Reef and Escalante’s Grand Staircase offer perfect opportunities for hands-on field instruction while exploring landscape and night sky photograp[See Details...]

Hummingbirds of Ecuador Photo Safari

This trip is limited to just 8 photographers (plus non-photographing companions). For the non-photographing companions, we will offer many bird walks through the surrounding habitats in search of [See Details...]

Galapagos Islands Wildlife Adventure

Why go with Wildside to the Galápagos? Kevin has led more than twenty trips to the Galápagos! We choose our itineraries very wisely… every boat has several different itineraries. We choose o[See Details...]

Grand Tetons Spring Wildlife

This is a land forged by fire and carved by ice. Over the millennia, these competing elements have pushed and pulled, shaped and molded this region into a place of profound beauty and diversity. T[See Details...]

Waterfall Workshop in Pennsylvania

Capturing waterfalls, a continuously flowing subject, requires a delicate balance of the available light through proper use of aperture and shutter-speed. This workshop will show you how and when [See Details...]

Glacier National Park Montana Photo Adventure

Get excited about the creative photographic process while surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery in North America to get your artistic juices flowing! Glacier National Park, known as t[See Details...]

Rainforest Birds and Herps of Honduras Photo Workshop

The photo workshop will include in-depth, hands-on photo instruction as we photograph reptiles and amphibians, flowers, butterflies and birds. We will spend time in blinds experiencing a photograp[See Details...]

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