Tropical Birds and Monkeys of Belize Photo Workshop

Lineated Woodpeckers

Lineated Woodpeckers

This awesome workshop will include in-depth, hands-on photo instruction as we photograph birds, monkeys, butterflies, flowers, reptiles and local culture. Photoshop skills and image workflow will also be explored.

This tiny country has over 600 species of birds and the highest density of Jaguars of any country in Central America. Rainforest, pine savanna, wetlands and rivers will all offer their own unique challenges for photographing as well as witnessing Kevin and Roger’s professional approaches to each opportunity.

Belize is one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the Americas. Thanks in part to its small population, over 60% of Belize’s 8867 sq. miles (about the size of New Hampshire) have been protected. This protection has allowed the birds and wildlife of Belize to continue to flourish. Belize is the last Central American stronghold of the majestic Jabiru, a stork that stands about 5 feet tall with an 11 foot wingspan, which nests in the savannas and wetlands of the north. Regional endemics such as Yucatan Jay, Yucatan Flycatcher and Yellow-lored Parrot may also be found in the pine-oak savannas. The tropical dry forest of northwestern Belize offers a multitude of species more easily found in Belize than anywhere else.

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    2018 Cost

    $3900 from Belize City


    Prices are per person double occupancy. If a single room is preferred or a suitable roommate is not available a single supplement fee of $380.


    Included in the Tour Cost:

    All ground transportation from Belize City airport. All accommodations. All meals from dinner on arrival day through breakfast on departure day. All entrance fees and guide fees. Tips for meal service.


    Not Included in the Tour Cost:

    International air travel, passport fees, luggage fees, trip insurance, alcoholic beverages, departure taxes, phone calls, laundry, or other items of a personal nature.



  • Itinerary
  • Tentative Itinerary


    Day 1 - Arrive/La Milpa

    Day 2 - La Milpa Lodge

    Day 3 - La Milpa Lodge

    Day 4 - Crooked Tree

    Day 5 - Crooked Tree

    Day 6 - Crooked Tree

    Day 7 - Crooked Tree

    Day 8 - Home


    Full Itinerary (the order in which we visit each location may vary)



    Day 1 - Arrive Belize / Rio Bravo Conservation Area - La Milpa Lodge

    Arrive and transfer to he Rio Bravo Conservation Area (RBCA) with birding along the way. The RBCA covers 5% of Belize's land area and is a privately held wildlife sanctuary and research area. The La Milpa Station, named for the ancient Mayan ruins found on the site, offers great food a excellent accommodations in the same forest as the famous (and much more expensive) Chan Chich Resort. The birding is incredible with Crested Eagle being seen regularly! This is also the area Belize chose to release a pair of Harpy Eagles donated from the breeding program in Panama.


    Day 2 - La Milpa Lodge

    Photography the property around Hill Bank is a great experience with bird and wildlife activity from dawn to dusk, and beyond, offering a multitude of species. Collared Forest Falcons, Ocellated Turkeys, Northern Potoos and lots of tanagers, honeycreepers and hummingbirds may be seen.

    Night spotlighting may offer Spectacled Owl, Mottled Owl, Black-and-White Owl and a number of roosting passerines. We have also seen Jaguar, Margay, Jaguarundi, Kinkajou, Tapir and other mammals while spotlighting!


    Day 3 - Hill Bank

    Today's photography will take us to the Lamanai ruins where the birdsong in the beautiful riparian rainforest is often interrupted by calls and chatters Black Howler Monkeys and Spider Monkeys! Here we will enjoy both landscape and wildlife photography as we explore the ancient structures amidst the shadows of the forest.


    Day 4 - Drive to Crooked Tree Sanctuary / Crooked Tree Lodge

    After breakfast we will depart for Crooked Tree having lunch along the way. Photo stops will keep us busy, especially at the Community Baboon Sanctuary (full of Black Howler Monkeys) and we will arrive at Crooked Tree Lodge late afternoon.

    Crooked Tree Lodge sits quietly along the edge of the freshwater, seasonal lagoon. Here we can watch a multitude of wading birds, shorebirds and waterfowl. The surrounding savanna and wetlands offer excellent birds, including the majestic Jabiru stork.


    Day 5 - Crooked Tree Sanctuary

    We will explore the Crooked Tree Lagoon and Spanish Creek by boat in search of the many species of birds which inhabit this beautiful sanctuary. With low canopy logwood, turtlebone, provision tree and mangrove, good views of Yellow-tailed Oriole, Mangrove Vireo and Rufous-browed Peppershrike are very possible. The endangered Black Howler Monkey and Morelets Crocodile are also found here.

    After lunch back at Crooked Tree Lodge, we will explore the upper end of the island, a pine-oak savanna. Yellow-lored (Yucatan) Parrot, Yucatan Woodpecker and Yucatan Jay can be found in this open habitat.


    Day 6 & 7 - Crooked Tree Sanctuary… Or?

    These two days we will keep open to explore areas we have found to be very active with wildlife or to explore new location… the flexibility of a scouting trip!


    Day 8 - Depart for home