Adrian Binns

Senior Safari Leader
a-at-hawk-mt-oct-2010-dscn4424-copy-copy Adrian, a naturalist and amateur field ornithologist, grew up in Morocco and England where his birding experiences paved the way for a career in the birding community. A former tennis professional, Adrian has a background as an ecological landscape designer, where he combined his lifetime interest in wildlife with his landscape knowledge and experience, to focus on attracting wildlife through native plant communities, in particular wetlands and water gardens.

As a tour guide, Adrian has led eco-tours for a variety of organizations and tour companies to 5 continents since the early 1990’s and joined Wildside Nature Tours in 2007. As an educator he has written articles and lectured on “Landscaping for Wildlife” as well as being a regular contributor to Pond Magazines. Adrian has co-authored Big City Birding: Philadelphia in the May 2001 issue of Wild Bird magazine and produced an educational program on “Eastern Owls” for the Audubon Society. A regular at Birding Festivals, Adrian has had the pleasure of serving as a keynote speaker as well as leading field trips and putting on workshops.

Adrian is a past President of the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club (DVOC), one of the oldest bird clubs in the country. He was a part of the Nikon/DVOC World Series of Birding team (1997-2006) coming in 1st five times including recording 231 species in 24hrs in New Jersey in 2003. He is currently a member of the Nikon Birding Pro-staff and very fond of his EDG bins and 50mm field scope, the latest innovation in high-quality ultra light optics.

An accomplished avian illustrator and photographer, his images regularly appear in all the major birding magazines and media formats. In a 2006 issue, Wild Bird magazine named Adrian one the ‘upcoming leaders to watch’! If you have nothing better to do than flip through TV channels, you can find him on the local Philadelphia non-profit station, MIND TV, hosting a handful of short birding programs.