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Chris Brown

Chris-Brown Chris has been an active birder from a very young age; he maintains that among his earliest memories is the first bird he identified without use of a field guide: a Brown-headed Cowbird in his suburban New Jersey backyard, around the age of 5. Thanks to support from a very patient family, his passion and desire to excel at bird identification was given many opportunities to mature. Early trips with his godfather to the Desert Southwest, Rocky Mountains and New England, were formative and helped to solidify the urge to pursue experience with varied habitats and birdlife.

After beginning his college career at the University of Montana, Chris took several years to gain experience through biological field work. This chapter of his life led him through jobs in 10 states and with multiple bird observatories, including breeding bird surveys in Montana, bird and habitat surveys in several other Rocky Mountain States, breeding bird atlas work in Ohio and counting migrating hawks and seabirds in Cape May and Sandy Hook, New Jersey. He most recently conducted radio-telemetry studies tracking Pine Snakes and Eastern Box Turtles in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. He continues to work towards degrees in Wildlife Biology and Plant Science.

In addition to his love of all things bird, Chris also works at a rock climbing gym in New Jersey and regularly travels to new climbing destinations in the Rocky Mountains, the Southeast and New England, and is an avid surf fisherman. He always has his binoculars with him, of course.


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