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Feb 28, 2011 | by Kevin Loughlin

Most photographers have heard the term “the golden hour.” The time around sunrise or sunset when the sun is at a low angle creating the golden glow that warm any scene. The above image of a muskrat crossing a Colorado pond was taken during the golden hour, which truly enhanced the image with its warmth. I mean, come on, its a muskrat yet it is tranquil and inviting.

We don’t always need the golden hour to create a golden effect. Look around for reflections such as autumn leaves. The golden leaves of beech trees during an east coast Fall can be captured to create a golden reflection. In the west, aspens will be the dominant tree to seek.

The same opportunity was used for the above image, autumn beech leaves along the edge of a waterfall.

The morning glow along with green leaves of spring helped create this Red-bellied Turtles golden bath. If you are focused on a subject in the water, the reflections will be blurred. A slow shutter speed, if possible, will help to diffuse any remnant detail.

photos and text © Kevin Loughlin

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