UTAH: Wild Horses of the Onaqui Mountains

Wednesday,May,2021 : Wild Horses Onaqui Heard Management area with Jim and Jody. Jeff Swinger/SwingmanPhoto


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2023 :: April 23 - April 29


From: $3,950 (See details)
Cost is per person, double occupancy from Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC)


6 - 10 Participants


10 spaces available


This tour is available as a private trip for any size group. The tour cost will vary with the number of people and any custom requests.

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Highlights of UTAH: Wild Horses of the Onaqui Mountains

  • Two leaders for plenty of hands-on instruction
  • Incredible opportunities to photograph wild mustangs of all ages
  • The Onaqui herd consists of brown, bay, sorrel, roan, buckskin, black, palomino, grey and paints
  • Beautiful landscapes all around

Description of UTAH: Wild Horses of the Onaqui Mountains

Located 90 minutes from Salt Lake City in the Onaqui Mountain Range is a herd of wild mustangs that have been there since the late 1800s (more than 130 years). They are secluded behind mountains, hidden in valleys and free to roam over 43,000 acres of federal, state and privately owned land. The Onaqui herd is relatively large herd of approximately 200 horses that offer some of the most easily accessible and reliable photo and viewing opportunities of any Utah herd. Nearby reservoirs and intermittent streams fed by winter snows and spring runoff provide adequate feed and water for the herd.  

While most free-roaming horses are understandably shy and wary of people, many have become familiar with the presence of humans and their vehicles. However, you should never attempt to interact with these animals in any fashion. Seemingly tame, free-roaming horses are easily spooked and can cause serious injury without warning or provocation. Your effort to feed or pet these animals is against federal law, which also prohibits chasing, harassing or harming free-roaming horses in any way. A minimum distance of 100 feet between you and the horse is required by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Please refrain from exposing these animals and yourself to potential harm.

Most of their ancestors were likely horses that were turned loose at the end of the Pony Express era. When the Pony Express lost its contract with the U.S. Postal Service, the owners simply turned the horses loose in the mountains rather than transporting them to a sales lot, and more than 130 years later, they have become free-roaming wild mustangs rather than feral horses.

Length of Tour


Itinerary (Subject to change based on weather and other un-foreseen factors)

Day 1
Arrive in SLC airport by 11:00 am for pick-up
1:00 pm Lunch in Tooele
2:00 pm Check into Best Western
3:00 pm Leave to find and photograph horses
8:30 pm Dinner in Tooele


Day 2
4:00 am Rise and shine
5:00 am Leave to find horses (eat “sack breakfast” on the way)
11:00 am Lunch (“ice-chest” lunch)
7:00 pm Return to Tooele
8:30 pm Dinner


Day 3
4:00 am Rise and shine
5:00 am Leave to find horses (eat “sack breakfast” on the way)
11:00 am Lunch (“ice-chest” lunch)
5:00 pm Leave the field to return to Tooele
6:30 pm Post-production class at Best Western
8:30 pm Dinner


Day 4
5:30 am Rise & Shine
6:30 am Breakfast at the hotel
7:15 am Leave for Antelope Island
9:00 am Arrive, scout, photograph
12:30 am Lunch at The Island Buffalo Grill (open 12:00 – 4:00)
2:00 pm Photograph various locations
6:00 pm Leave for dinner
8:00 pm Leave for Tooele


Day 5
4:00 am Rise and shine
5:00 am Leave to find horses (eat “sack breakfast” on the way)
11:00 am Lunch (“ice-chest” lunch)
5:00 pm Leave the field to return to Tooele
6:30 pm Post-production class at Best Western
8:30 pm Dinner


Day 6
5:00 am Rise and shine (pack up for 7:30 a.m. check-out)
6:00 am Breakfast at Best Western
7:30 am Check out, leave Tooele for SLC airport
9:30 am Goodbyes at SLC airport, flight home


Cost is $3,950 per person, based upon double occupancy, from Salt Lake City, Utah (Airport code SLC.
This trip ends in Salt Lake City, Utah (Airport code SLC).

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Minimum Number

If fewer than the minimum number of required participants are registered, we may still be able to run the trip by adding a small-group supplement fee, per person, determined by the number of participants registered.


Deposit Requirements

A $1,000 deposit per person is required to hold each space on this tour. Deposit may be made online by clicking the "Book Your Trip Now" button and using any credit card. If you prefer, you may call us at 888-875-9453 to pay by phone. You may also mail us a check, however, remember that all space is held on a first come-first served basis as deposits are received.

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This trip includes standard Best Western.

Activity Level Rating: (Note: 1 is easy and 5 is difficult)

Intermediate – several miles of walking over relatively level ground of sand, grass, and gravel.

Suggested Basic Photographic Skill Level

Attendees should know how to use their camera, including changing modes, shooting manual focus, white balance and the exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed and chip sensitivity/ISO).

Understanding of basic photographic concepts including depth of field, field of view and using the histogram.

However, if you don’t know this stuff, we are there to teach you and you will know it by the time you leave.

Recommended Camera Gear


  • Camera body
       -Freshly charged batteries (re-charge each night regardless of the state of charge)
       -Spare batteries (at least twice what you think you will need)
       -Media cards installed in the camera (one in each slot)
       -Spare media cards (again, at least twice what you think you will need)
  • Lenses
       -Wide-angle   16 – 35 mm
       -Medium zoom   24 – 70 mm or 24 – 105 mm
       -Longer zoom   70 – 200 mm
       -Tele-converter   1.4x and / or 2.0x
  • Tripod or monopod

Additional gear, if possible:

  • Additional body
  • Longer telephoto lens – 100-400mm or 150-600mm
  • Polarizing filters
  • Split neutral density filters (soft edge)

Instructors have the proper permits for the BLM lands.

Purchasing Flights

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Itinerary Changes

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