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Herps, Birds & Wildlife

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Herping Tours That Seek All The Other Wildlife Too!

Reptiles and amphibians have been around for over 300 million years, and together comprise a bewildering 17,000+ species of “herps.” Herps are some of the most wildly colorful, interesting, and exotic creatures on Earth, and their diversity ranges from diminutive tree frogs no bigger than your fingernail, to enormous crocodiles and pythons approaching 25 feet in length.

Virtually no one has seen an adorable Red-eyed Tree Frog without being in awe of its vivid red, green, orange and blue beauty and intricate form. And any naturalist will stop at an instant to admire a bright orange box turtle in a US eastern woodland, or brilliant, lemon-yellow eyelash viper perched on a mossy vine in a tropical rain forest.

Today more than ever, reptiles and amphibians have arisen from those mysterious, unknown, misunderstood creatures of the past, to having a new appreciation in the public eye, not just for their exotic beauty, but for the indisputably important role they play in nature. Simply stated, their well-being ensures our well-being, and for that reason more people than ever are out “herping” as they want to discover and learn more about these brilliant and beautiful creatures and how they fit into the miraculous web of life.

Wildside Nature Tours is answering this curiosity by offering tours that combine a focus on our Planet’s herpetofauna (aka herps), along with birds, mammals, insects and all the rest, so that you can enjoy with us up-close, the often indescribable and exquisite beauty of reptiles and amphibians. We invite you to join us on our herping trips as we journey to the world’s most beautiful landscapes, and search from its deserts to its rain forests in search of this vast array of colors, textures, habits and habitats of some of the most fascinating creatures on Earth.

James Adams


James Adams