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Is trip insurance included in my Trip Cost?

No. Trip insurance is sold separately, through a third-party.

Why should I buy trip insurance?

To protect from possible financial loss due to injury, medical issues or other covered emergency. We strongly suggest purchasing trip insurance in case of emergency, or other covered reasons, in case you need to cancel your trip before or during the tour.

NOTE: For all boat-based trips (Galapagos, Amazon, Alaska, etc.), Wildside Nature Tours requires you to purchase trip insurance. For land-based trips, trip insurance is strongly recommended, but not required.

What does trip insurance cover?

Insurance may be purchased to cover such circumstances as trip cancellation, trip interruption, delayed or cancelled flights, medical issues, emergency medical transportation/evacuation, loss of luggage, and more. For details about coverage, including regarding pre-existing conditions, check with the insurance agent for specific details and coverage options.

Will my regular health insurance plan cover medical emergencies?

Most health insurance plans do not cover health expenses incurred outside the United States, unless you have supplemental coverage (this is uncommon). Medicare and Medicaid do not cover medical services outside the US. Many foreign doctors and hospitals require cash payment in advance, before providing service. A medical evacuation back to the US may cost tens of thousands of dollars. Be sure to check with your medical insurance company prior to traveling abroad, to confirm whether your policy applies outside the US, and if it will cover emergency expenses such as medical evacuation.

When should I purchase trip insurance?

We recommend you purchase trip insurance at the time you make final payment of our tour. Be sure to check with the tour manager prior to purchasing insurance, to assure the trip will run as scheduled. Once trip insurance is purchased, the cost of the insurance policy is non-refundable.

What happens if I’m unable to participate in the Wildside Nature Tours trip for which I have registered?

See our Cancellation and Refunds policy.

What happens if I choose not to purchase trip insurance?

Without trip insurance, you assume significant financial risk. Flight cancellations, medical emergencies of yourself or family members, evacuations, trip cancellations due to force majeure, or other unexpected situations could cost you thousands of dollars. These expenses might be entirely non-reimbursable without trip insurance. Be sure to read our Cancellation and Refunds policy in making your decision about trip insurance.


Wildside Nature Tours has provided the above link to CSA Travel Protection. CSA insures for such circumstances as trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delay, medical coverage and emergency medical transportation, and more. For details about coverage options contact CSA or the travel insurance company of your choice.