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  • SCOTLAND: Highlands & Inner Hebrides
  • DRY TORTUGAS: Spring Migration
  • AMAZON: Peruvian Riverboat Adventure
  • PUERTO RICO: 5-Day Birding
  • PERU: Birding Machu Picchu
  • MINNESOTA: Winter Boreal Specialties
  • BELIZE: Birds and Monkeys Photography Workshop
  • BELIZE: Birding the Southern Forests and Coast
  • BRAZIL: Pantanal Wildlife Safari
  • KENYA: 20-day Birding & Wildlife Safari
  • INDIA: Tigers and Taj
  • TANZANIA: Wildlife Safari
  • MOROCCO: Birding the Edge of the Sahara
  • SPAIN: Doñana, Extremadura & Pyrenees
  • BELIZE: 10-day Birding Bonanza
  • Cultural Immersion & Endemic Birding
  • BOTSWANA: Best Of Birding & Wildlife Safari
  • COSTA RICA: Quetzals and Hummingbirds
  • TEXAS: Black-capped Vireo & Golden-cheeked Warbler
  • GLACIER NATIONAL PARK: Montana Artist and Photo Adventure
  • TEXAS: Whooping Cranes & Wading Birds
  • FLORIDA: Mastering Bird in Flight Photography
  • GALAPAGOS Photography and Birding with John Kricher
  • TEXAS: Rio Grande Valley in Fall
  • Kevin Loughlin
  • CALIFORNIA: South Coast, Deserts, & Mountains
  • CALIFORNIA: Northern Mountains and Coast
  • NAGALAND: Amur Falcon Migration Spectacle
  • BELIZE 8-Day: Birding Northern Forests & Wetlands
  • TRINIDAD: Tropical Bird Photography Workshop
  • YELLOWSTONE: Winter Wildlife Photography
  • DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Hispaniola Endemic Birding
  • Adrian Binns
  • Glenn Crawford
  • Chris Brown
  • GALAPAGOS Photography Workshop with Joe Brady
  • MEXICO: VERACRUZ “River of Raptors”
  • AMAZON: Peruvian Riverboat Photography & Birding Adventure
  • HAWAII: Birding the Island Endemics
  • AMAZON: Peruvian Riverboat Adventure
  • Edison Buenaño
  • Pedro Guaycha
  • Gabriel Lugo
  • Lee Hoy
  • ARIZONA: Black Hawk Migration
  • Robert Straub
  • John Kricher
  • Alex Lamoreaux
  • GALAPAGOS Birding & Photography with Lisa Langell
  • ALASKA: Inside Passage Photography Adventure Cruise
  • AMAZON 2021: Peruvian Riverboat Photography & Birding Adventure
  • GALAPAGOS 2020: Birding & Photography Adventure with Guest co-leader Adam Jones
  • Belize Review
  • Big Year Birding Tours
    • COLORADO: “Chicken Odyssey”
    • ARIZONA: Southeast Specialties
  • BOTSWANA & Victoria Falls: Wildlife Safari
  • Galapagos Reviews
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  • Team Member Reviews
India with Adrian was outstanding!

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to India. Adrian is an outstanding leader with a thorough knowledge of the birds, history and culture of India. He was extremely helpful and patient in finding and identifying the birds and was an excellent teacher on the fine points of identification of similar species.

Barb and Jim L
6 years ago
By far the best!

I think you are great professionals, knowledgeable birders and very caring about your fellow travelers. You are not afraid to share what you know and that is really important. I have been on other tours and yours are by far the best.

Linda D
6 years ago
Such Enthusiasm!

Adrian, I was so impressed with your enthusiasm for the birds and constant effort to teach us, not to mention your ever-engaging wit.

Warren and Diane M
6 years ago
Wonderful trip!

Thanks again for leading a wonderful trip, Adrian. I loved your sense of humor and appreciated your patience and great people skills.

Carol D
6 years ago
Very Knowledgeable

Robert Straub is fluent in Spanish and very knowledge about the area. There were no ‘language problems’ anywhere, making the trip run very smoothly.

Charles T
6 years ago
Robert is very enthusiastic!

Robert Straub is a tour leader who is enthusiastic and patient (and who seems to enjoy himself, too).

Janice H
6 years ago
Robert is the best!

Robert Straub is the best guide that I have ever worked with. He really enjoys showing ‘his’ birds and ‘his’ chosen place to others.

Nathanial W
6 years ago
Biggest Week Rock Stars

I just have to say … you guys are superstars! With your awesome skills at showing birds to people, you made a LOT of people happy during the Biggest Week In American Birding! Thank you so much; we’ll look forward to seeing all of you again, back here in Ohio or somewhere else around the world!

Kenn Kaufman
6 years ago
At the Biggest Week in American Birding

I was lucky enough to meet and bird a little with the Wildside team at BWAB. You guys and gals are awesome – it was great meeting you all!

Renee D
6 years ago
Fun at the Biggest Week

Got to meet a few of you at the Magee Marsh Boardwalk this past week. You guys were wonderful. Thanks for all your help and knowledge. Hope to see you again next year!

Casa D
6 years ago
Arizona was fantastic!

I just returned from your fantastic trip to Arizona. I had 70 life birds including Elegant Trogan, Montezuma Quail and Five Stripe Sparrow!!! Chris and Steve were great guides. I plan on going to your Maine and Northern California trips next year. Thanks for another great birding trip!

George R
Cape May, NJ
6 years ago
Galapagos with a small group is best!

A small group tour of the Galapagos on a private boat is definitely the only way to go. To visit these enchanted islands with a leader as experienced as Kevin Loughlin means that you will almost always be in the right place at the right time to catch all the action at the best times of day in the best light.

Sandra P
New York, NY
6 years ago
I never felt so close to nature!

You know how much this trip meant to me. It was so much more than I would have ever even imagined. I was a little worried that I would be disappointed because I held Galapagos on such high expectations. I feel silly for even thinking that!

I never felt so close to nature in my life. From the Sea Lion that happily played with us in the water to the Mockingbirds coming right up to my camera to the Boobies who had no worry about us passing right by, even when they had young with them. The sights of sea birds on the cliffs and even the birds and fish around the yacht – it was all just amazing.

Melissa P
Stroudsburg, PA
6 years ago

I was not sure what I was getting into with this tour, as this was my first guided trip. I feel that I had gotten pretty far with photography on my own, and have built a bit of a following. That said, I also felt I’ve hit a bit of a plateau with processing and creativity in the field.

Working with Kevin in the field and seeing what he was able to create in the situations given was inspiring to say the least. This gave me a bit of re-kindled spirit towards working at my photography.

Jon C
Stroudsburg, PA
6 years ago
We experienced the Galapagos Islands with all five senses!

We didn’t just see, or tour, the Galapagos Islands with Wildside Nature Tours…we experienced the Galapagos Islands with all five senses, such that it will live in our memories as vivid as it was those magical twelve days of August, 2017, aboard the our yacht…may we yet again be so fortunate as to undertake such an adventure.

Chris and Jean H
Brighton, MI
6 years ago
This trip was a stunner!

Wow! This trip was a stunner, and I am highly recommending it to everyone I know. I hope to take many more trips with you, Adrian. Having spent a month in Morocco almost 40 years ago I was thrilled to return with you. You are a terrific guide; you know Morocco, its birds, customs, people, places, language and cuisine. The enjoyment you provided surpassed my highest expectations. It was fun to see you greeting old friends there with hugs, and your comfort and ease were infectious to participants. Just as enjoyable were your hilarious sense of humor, and the fun our group had together exploring this beautiful and timeless country.

The birds were great – you found and delivered them to us. Your spotting and identifying skills are truly impressive, and you are so patient and dedicated to providing participants with the ultimate birding experience, always with lots of 

You are to be complemented on your excellent planning, and the materials you provided to participants – the detail and depth of the itinerary and the General Information sheets prepared us well for the experience. The bird list was invaluable, enabling us to study & prepare for what we might see, & it was helpful to have the list of birds seen on each of your prior trips.

Audrey P
6 years ago
Great Trip!

Adrian, thanks for a great trip! We thoroughly enjoyed birding with you again and appreciate all the extra effort you put into making the trip a learning experience as well as finding the birds.

Alice and Dennis S
6 years ago
Very Productive!

This was the most productive photo tour I have ever experienced, Kevin! Thanks!

Saul M
6 years ago
Awesome Experience!

Thanks, Kevin, for an awesome and amazing week [in Glacier Nation al Park] and for sharing your terrific knowledge and experience with us. Your expert photography knowledge helped me to grow and be a better photographer. Your birding and nature skills have inspired me! Your passion for your work is contagious!

Audry F
6 years ago
Enthusiastic Leader!

I just returned from the Tetons very enthusiastic about the leader, Kevin Loughlin. Not only does Kevin run a terrific workshop, he’s a wonderful photographer and a charming man. during the workshop he was always teaching and helping all the attendees. Although he was not familiar with the Olympus OMD, he solved all of my issues because he knows photography so well!

Deborah C
6 years ago
Another amazing African safari

Thanks again Adrian for another great trip (#13 I think) of birding in a wonderful location. You’re a great guide, but you’re also an outstanding teacher. I know Kenya is one of your favorite destinations, and it was so enjoyable to see things through your eyes.
Best birding activity – at Lake Baringo with Francis, five owl species, and on the boat ride, the Fish Eagles, Little Bittern and Allen’s Gallinule.
Best animal-bird interaction – the Red-billed Oxpecker going into the Rhino’s ear and then come shooting out!
Best quiet observation – along the Ewaso Ngiro River at Buffalo Springs, we stopped and a herd of Elephants slowly, quietly ate their way across the road on all sides of the vehicle – so wonderful to quietly observe them.
Best birds (not expected) – White-spotted Flufftail, Doherty’s Bushshrike, Rufous-bellied Heron.
Most unforgettable – the Wildebeest crossing the Mara River.

Janis C
San Diego, CA
6 years ago
Trip of a Lifetime!

The Galápagos Islands are a unique destination that requires an experienced tour company to expose you to all its wonders. Kevin of Wildside Tours knows this place as well or better than anybody! You will be totally immersed in the wildlife and scenery-a sensual experience that will have you re-telling your trip over and over to friends and family. It couldn’t get any better than what we experienced. My wife says NOTHING will ever top this as a birthday gift. Wildside is the best!!

6 years ago
What a great trip!

We had extremely high expectations, and they were easily exceeded. We loved everything about the trip. Probably what impressed us the most is the way Kevin and his folks made sure everyone’s interests were a point of focus. As birders, we felt like we received all the help we could have asked for, and I’m sure the photographers felt the same way.

Bob & Mary Ellen Claussen
Belvidere NJ
6 years ago
Wonderful Trip to Texas

Watching bats fly out at dusk from the Austin bridge; seeing spinning phalaropes at Hornsby water treatment plant; tracking down target Golden-cheeked Warblers at Balcones NWR; observing up-close Painted Buntings from multiple blinds at South Llano State Park. Austin and surrounding locales hosted a whirlwind of wonderful birds, habitats, and experiences! Guide Alex Lamoreaux provided great leadership and expertise in this highly-rewarding short trip.

Debbie B
Philadelphia, PA
6 years ago
Wonderful Kenyan Adventure

Adrian, thank you for a wonderful Kenyan adventure. Your superb birding skills, knowledge, and your patience and good humor make traveling with you a delight. Assante sana!

Teri M
Seattle, WA
6 years ago
Thank you so much for a fantastic trip!

Dear Adrian, Your vast knowledge of birds, habitats were especially appreciated, and your thoughtful attention to all of your birders!

Pati R
Palo Alto, CA
6 years ago
Stunning Scotland!

Thanks again for another wonderful birding trip. I really enjoyed the islands and the hidden corners of Scotland. Your good humor and friendship add so much to the trip.

J. C
San Diego, CA
6 years ago
The chickens really were spectacular

Adrian – Thanks for a fabulous trip! The chickens really were spectacular, and Colorado is beautiful!

Margie K
Philadelphia PA
6 years ago
Unbelievable Safari!

Adrian – I am still humming with all the adventures we had in East Africa. Just wanted to let you know that our Tanzania-Kenya safari was unbelievable!

Ann A
Yarmouth, ME
6 years ago
Best coverage!

You have the best coverage for getting all the Florida specialties, and you allow extra time to ‘get the birds.’

Barbara C
San Diego CA
6 years ago
Fabulous Maine Trip!

I wanted to let you know that my Maine birding trip last week was beyond all my expectations. Chris and Alex were terrific hosts and guides. They went beyond the call of duty and their efforts paid off with a great Puffin trip. This is my third birding trip with Wildside and Chris Brown does a fabulous job picking lunch and dinner spots which really makes for a successful, well rounded trip.

George R
North Cape May, NJ
6 years ago
We had a fantastic time down in Veracruz!!

Naturally, the hawk flights were the highlight of the trip but we enjoyed everything else as well; the morning bird walks, the boat rides, the museum in Xalapa, the food, and the very nice camaraderie between the participants and the guides. Robert is certainly a class act! He did his best to make sure all involved were happy with everything and, of course, he is an excellent birder.

I also want to offer high praise in regards to Alex. He is as gifted a birder as I have been with as his identification skills with distant raptors as well as momentary glimpses of close song birds is extremely impressive. Alex taught me a lot with his ability to explain the subtle nuances of structure and plumage related to my beloved raptors. He is also a very personable young man. In my opinion, Wildside has a true gem in the hiring of Alex Lamoreaux.

Tim K
Norristown PA
6 years ago
Amazing River of Raptors tour!

Just back from the amazing River of Raptors tour—Robert and Alex were incredible guides.

Pam P
Stanwood, WA
6 years ago
Every birder should experience the River of Raptors!

The spectacle of thousands and thousands of raptors streaming and kettling overhead cannot be described in words. Every birder should experience this in Veracruz at least once in their lifetime. – Veracruz 2013

Deborah B
Philadelphia PA
6 years ago
What a Raptor Spectacle!

Robert Straub is the best guide I have ever worked with. He really enjoys showing ‘his’ birds and ‘his’ chosen place to others. – Veracruz ABA tour 2009

Nathaniel W
Edinburgh, Scotland
6 years ago
The Pantanal rivals East Africa for a life-changing wildlife experience.

This trip was a spectacular exploration of an amazing unique habitat. Mind-boggling non-stop variety of waders, raptors, caiman, capybara and jaguars! A memorable moment included paddling alongside remarkable Giant Otters crunching fish as they fed and communicating with eerie ear-splitting screams. – Pantanal 2010

Deb B
Springfield PA
6 years ago
Unique birding experience

Chickens close on the leks were the most unique N. American birding experience we have ever had, even after birding for about 40 years.

Bill and Sally F
Lewes DE
6 years ago
More than just a birding tour!

This was so much more than a birding tour of Morocco; it was truly a cultural experience.

Margaret W
Nevada City CA
6 years ago
Black Noddy. Great find!

Thank you sooo much for the Dry Tortugas tour. It was everything I was hoping it would be and more.

Sherry B
West Palm Beach, FL
6 years ago
Memorable and fun trip!

Your birding expertise and spotting ability are amazing. Thanks so much for your patience, kindness, stories and great attitude, it was a memorable and fun trip.

Janet S.
San Diego, CA
6 years ago
Another Great Trip!

The trip was really something, getting around to all the chicken leks…and finding all the great birds. Thanks for making my 700th ABA bird (Gunnison Sage-Grouse) special with the champagne celebration.

Janis C.
San Diego CA
6 years ago
Expertise and leadership

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and leadership. Jim and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and Toby in beautiful Scotland.

Sandra L.
Fort Walton Beach FL
6 years ago
Excellent Report

Thank you again Adrian and Toby for a wonderful trip, and thanks for the excellent report. I read it while sweltering in our heat, so the mention of rain only made me want to return to Scotland. – June 2018

Kathy E.
Del Mar CA
6 years ago
Trip of a lifetime

What can I say? It was a trip of a lifetime. Even now, three weeks later, I have scenes of Africa in my night dreams and day dreams. – Tanzania, March 2009

Edie P.
Wayne PA
6 years ago
Exceptional experience that exceeded expectations

Mammals and birds were everywhere. The crater was amazing as were the sheer number of wildebeest in the Serengeti. You certainly put us right in the middle of migration. This safari far exceeded my expectations. Thank you! – Feb 2015

Chris T.
San Diego CA
6 years ago
Memorable trip!

Joel and I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful trip to the Tortugas. We appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us and making the trip so enjoyable. It was truly a memorable trip!

Lisa & Joel S.
Edina MN
6 years ago
Beautiful location and wonderful birding!

Thank you for making the Dry Tortugas an enjoyable experience. You are a terrific guide, full of information and very caring about your ‘flock’. – April 2017

June B
Stuart FL
6 years ago
Wonderful Trip!

Thanks for making this a wonderful trip! Your skill, knowledge, patience and good humor are stellar 🙂 – Florida April 2017

Teri M.
Seattle WA
6 years ago
Morocco - Loved it!

Thank you for all your efforts in arranging this wonderful trip, finding us all the target birds and for my surprise birthday celebration. – Morocco April 2017

Sandy L.
Mill Valley CA
6 years ago
We reaped the benefit of your many years leading tours in East Africa

Thank you for a tremendous custom trip you put together and led us on throughout Kenya and Tanzania this past month. From beginning to end it was a spectacular success due in principle to your masterful planning, professional work ethic and calm, deliberate and patient demeanor. – Feb 2017

Chris & Jean H.
Brighton MI
6 years ago
We would not hesitate to travel again with you

How many ways can we say thank you for this wonderful experience? During this trip we’ve enjoyed so much not only your expert bird identification but also all the side info on many species including mammals. You have a very sharp eyesight and excellent skills in getting us onto the bird. You are patient, keep all situations light with a nice sense of humor and calm demeanor that instills trust from your clients. Suffice it to say that we would not hesitate to travel again with you. – Kenya & Tanzania Feb 2017

Len & Lucy F
Charlotte NC
6 years ago
Spectacular Nagaland

Our trip has been wonderful. The falcons were amazing, a true wonder of the natural world. Like witnessing a a massive snow storm, except instead of snowflakes, the sky was filled with falcons. The people of Pangti were warm and welcoming and their accommodations entirely satisfactory. Though the falcons were the crown jewels, the rest of the trip was also thrilling, from watching the primates of the gibbon sanctuary to seeing rhinos up close from the back of an elephant. We were well taken care of all along the way. Thank your you for making this extraordinary experience available to us.

Rand and Dana J.
Deming, WA
6 years ago
Amazon with Kevin

Kevin, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the Amazon trip and your expertise in photography, birds, and the tropics in general. Truly, I don’t know how you had the time in your life to acquire your depth of knowledge; didn’t you ever sleep? In any event, keep doing what you are doing–I think you were born to lead eco-trips!

Tom N
5 years ago
Cuba trip was a winner!

The Wildside Cuba trip was a winner from start to finish. From all the endemics checked off; to our wonderful, hard working Cuban guides; to principal guide, the indomitable Gabriel Lugo; this trip is a must for your Western Hemisphere bucket list.

Bill B
5 years ago
Extraordinary Leader!

I can’t begin to offer enough praise for Glenn. He was extraordinary on all counts. He was one of the most skilled birders I’ve had the pleasure of birding with, and his people skills were off the charts. It was a pleasure and an honor to have the chance to meet and spend time in the field with him. He’s an amazing guy!

Tom Stephenson
Co-author of "The Warbler Guide"
5 years ago
Loved Belize!

Our small crew thoroughly enjoyed each hour of every day and weren’t shy about saying so. I know they loved their Wildsides experience in Belize.

Tom Stephenson
Co-author of "The Warbler Guide"
5 years ago
Alaska touched my heart

I would recommend Wildside Nature Tours for anyone who wants to explore this area of Alaska and I suggest that you do. The glaciers are grand and amazing (and shrinking), the bears are grand and I was in awe watching them, the whales are majestic and graceful, the scenery is beautiful.

Seldom does a trip touch my heart where I know I will remember all the details. Well there were too many details to remember, but the experience of seeing Alaska touched my heart and the best part was sharing it with my best friend in the world, my wife Misse.

As a side note, my wife Misse is not that interested in photography and this was advertised as a photography tour. I can tell you that although she was concerned with this, she had an amazing time and did not feel that she lost out on anything just because her spouse happens to be a little obsessed with taking photos. She also had an amazing time.

Eric R
Philadelphia, PA
5 years ago
Patience & Enthusiasm!

There was no way we were going to Alaska on our own (for both knowing all the little tidbits and for safety… i.e. bears). I was more than impressed with Kevin’s care, interest, knowledge, patience, and enthusiasm.

Eric R
Philadelphia, PA
5 years ago
He has earned both my trust and admiration

I first met Edison Buenaño in person at Biggest Week in American Birding in 2012. I have now birded with him several times in the U.S. and South America. Edison’s combination of keen eyes, gifted ears, and great leadership skills make Edison one of the best birding guides I have ever met. He is patient with his customers and is not condescending in any way. I would not hesitate to recommend Edison as a guide to any person or group. He has earned both my trust and admiration.

Greg Miller
The real life birder portrayed by Jack Black in "The Big Year"
5 years ago
A Walking Encyclopedia

Edison loves the birds of South America (his home turf) like the Sword-billed Hummingbird loves a trumpet flower! He’s a walking encyclopedia of field marks and call notes – an expert on neotropical birds and conservation, and equally as passionate about sharing his knowledge with the rest of us. He’s also excellent company in the field and seems to know half the people in Latin America on a first name basis. Can’t wait to go birding with Edison again!

Noah Strycker
Author and First International Big Year World Record Holder
5 years ago
A Great Leader

I’ve been lucky enough to go birding with Edison in a variety of places, and it’s always a blast. His skill at finding and identifying birds, his enthusiasm for every bird, and his personal warmth and sense of humor all combine to make him a great leader in the field.

Kenn Kaufman
Author of the Kaufman Field Guides
5 years ago
Spectacular Spain

Spain provided fantastic birding, culture, and food. We arrived a day early to visit Seville, a wonderfully walkable city with great architecture and parks. Donana wetlands teemed with ducks, waders, and shorebirds. We were mesmerized by vultures and eagles at the rocky cliffs. It was great fun to look for bustards in flowing grasslands. Scenery was stunning in the Pyrenees mountains; it was amazing to watch the Wallcreeper cling to crags high in a vertical cliff. We ate the most mouth-watering delectable dishes at every stop. Adrian and Santi were brilliant guides – I highly recommend this tour!

Debbie B.
5 years ago
A Great Success!

From the tropical Pacific coast, to ancient oak cloud forests, to stark treeless habitat at 11,000 feet, the Wildside Nature Tours Costa Rica birding adventure was a great success. Thanks to our guide – arguably the best birder I ever met and commanding an encyclopedic knowledge of natural history – we tallied 346 species in a little over nine full days of birding!

Bill B
5 years ago
A most memorable trip!

The India tour, with great views of birds, mammals, and iconic palaces as well as Rajasthan culture was easily the most memorable of some dozen overseas trips we have taken in the past few years.
– India, 2008

Frank & Pat S.
Ft. Collins, CO
5 years ago
Great birds and spectacular tigers

Just wanted you to know what a WONDERFUL time we had with you in India – a TERRIFIC guide, wonderful participants, great birds and SPECTACULAR TIGERS. Yes, ours was a great trip; I was so impressed with your enthusiasm for the birds and constant effort to teach us, not to mention your ever-engaging wit.
– Northern India 06

W & D M
Arlington VA
5 years ago
Great Trip - no matter age or fitness!

You really want to see tropical birds but don’t like to constantly change hotels? Can’t or don’t want to do a lot of jungle hiking? Not familiar with the tropical bird groups? The riverboat base with skiff rides along the water edges give an up-close look at a wide variety of birds, monkeys, sloths, and river dolphins. The few walks are not difficult and can be optional. Partner not a birder or a photography buff? As space allows, they can learn photography tips on one trip and go looking at birds on the next, or sit on top of the riverboat and watch life along the river.

The guides were incredible and always willing to help. Edison led the birding skiff and Kevin the photography skiff. There was always additional help in the skiffs to answer questions, share tips/advice, and assure everyone had the best chance to see the target or get the photo. Highly recommend the trip and the guides, even if you are experienced birders.

Denise & Jo
Mineral, VA
5 years ago
Winter birding fun!

Winter birding can be challenging but Alex, Chris and Adrian kept our spirits high with their laughter, expertise, and unmistakable talent for spotting target species. This trip would not have been the same without these amazing guides. As always, expectations were exceeded and I can’t wait for my next Wildside adventure!

Essex, VT
5 years ago
Boreal birds

Loved the beautiful birds we saw on this trip! It is difficult to pick just one as a favorite. The pine marten was an amazing sight and who could forget the regurgitations of the Northern Hawk Owl who was so accommodating to stay in the same area all four days for all to enjoy? Adrian, Alex and Chris were wonderful guides who worked HARD to find all the birds who cooperated. As usual, a couple species were elusive, but that just gives us an opportunity to visit the area again in the future. Thank you Wildside Nature Tours!

Bally, PA
5 years ago
Wow! Wow! Wow!

Superb trip! Let’s start with the snowy scenery — just gorgeous. And then the birds. We saw many we had never seen before, and never could have expected to see otherwise. Adrian or Alex or Chris would spot a tiny dot at the top of a tree and say, “That’s a ….” and we’d pull over and, sure enough, they’d be right. They were generous with their exhaustive knowledge, and we learned a lot. Their friendliness and good natures made the trip so much fun in so many ways. We came home exhausted and happy.

Sandy and Bob
Pottstown, PA
5 years ago
Perfect tropical birding introduction!

Once again we had a terrific birding trip with Wildside. Belize was a perfect tropical birding introduction for Pat and I. The accommodations and meals were great. The variety and numbers of birds was overwhelming. And I can’t say enough good things about Glenn our guide. He was SUPER!!!! We definitely will be doing another Glenn guided trip in the near future. Thanks again for a wonderful week!

George and Pat R.
5 years ago
Family fun

Wildside Nature Tours are THE best, we enjoyed Belize so much, the locations chosen for this 25th anniversary trip allowed more time at a particular location which we really enjoyed. You are as busy as you choose to be and still get the field opportunities offered. Belize was our second Wildside trip, what we have found was we arrived as strangers on both trips and left as family. Each day was filled with history, culture and Kevin’s team know how to find those AWESOME shots. You can sit in your easy chair, google many companies for information. Our decision to travel with Wildside is one we highly recommend. You will be glad you did!!!!

Martin and Julie McCrum
Aiken, SC
5 years ago

The Botswana trip with Adrian Binns was truly a trip of a lifetime.

As a new birder, I learned so much from Adrian’s instruction and loved the camps we stayed at in Botswana. In addition, Adrian and the other folks on the tour were delightful travel companions.

Botswana is a magical place (and we saw many, many elephants in the wild, which I wanted so badly to see). I highly recommend this tour!

Amy Koch
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
5 years ago
Amazing Guide

How Glenn can find a stub tailed spadebill and white whiskered puffbird 10 feet in the woods and behind a tree is just amazing. Going boondocking thru the woods resulted in An Ornate Hawk Eagle mating. What more can a birder ask for!!!

Martin and Julie McCrum
Aiken, SC
5 years ago
Belize a2019

My wife and I joined Kevin on his Belize tour March 2019. We both had a wonderful time and experience. My wife, not a photographer, came along and really enjoyed herself. The tour had ecology related info, area history, bird watching and photography. The lodges we stayed in were perfect and the food was even better.

Don B
Burlington Ontario Canada
5 years ago
A Nice Getaway

The Dry Tortugas had been on our bucket list and this trip allowed us to check it off in style. The boat was roomy and comfortable easily housing the eleven participants. The crew was friendly and accommodating, and the food was excellent (which is typical of Wildside tours). We enjoyed pelagic birding both to and from the islands and excellent birding on the islands. Adrian, our tour guide made sure everyone got on the birds. And he looked at hundreds of Brown Noddys to find the one Black Noddy in the mix, which we all then got to see. Highly recommended.

Steve M
Southampton, NJ
5 years ago
Cuba Endemics & Culture Tour

Our Wildside trip to Cuba in April 2019 was fantastic. For a long time I wanted to visit Cuba and this trip was one of the best tours I have been on and exceeded my expectations. The trip was so well organized and included some of the most beautiful locations in Cuba. We had a small group and a wonderful guide, Gabriel Lugo who met us in Miami and took care of the details for the whole trip. He is an experienced knowledgable birder and showed a great deal of patience to make sure we all saw the birds we set out to find each day. I was the least experienced in the group but learned a lot about birding and have a new appreciation for wildlife and birds in particular. Our local guide Ernesto was friendly and knew so many of the local people and where to find the endemic species, some in the most out of the way locations that only a specialist would know about. We also had a dedicated bus driver who shepherded the group for the whole trip.

The trip was well-organized and included all the accommodations at B&Bs, delicious food, dinner in private restaurants in the countryside and in the cities, travel, introductions to and conversations with Cuban bird specialists, a ride in classic cars and a visit to Hemingway’s house and a tobacco farm and more. Going with Wildside was the perfect way to see and get to know the country and its people.

Nancy Richards
Ithaca, NY
5 years ago
Equador & the Galapagos Islands

This is our fifth trip with Wildside. All five trips were fabulous and Kevin and his guides are terrific. This trip to the Galapagos is in a class of it’s own and the trip every birder and nature photographer must do!! Kevin Loughlin, Pedro Guaycha and John Kricher were exceptional guides and hosts. The new boat, staterooms, staff and fresh food were all first class. I cannot recommend this trip enough. The wildlife was up close and amazing. We even got to snorkel with sea turtles, sea lions, rays, sharks and our favorite, PENGUINS!!!!!

George and Pat Rementer
North Cape May, NJ
5 years ago
Galapagos Adventure

The best trip ever! The birds, animals, geology, and plant material are totally unique to the area and amazing. Kevin Loughlin, Pedro Guaycha, and John Kricher were wonderful leaders who were very knowledgeable, patient, and fun to be with. The yacht was extremely comfortable and the crew could not be more accommodating. In summary this was a great trip and would not change anything about it.

Ethie Ziselman
Malvern, PA
5 years ago
My head swims in colorful birds!

As the most novice birder on the trip, I was treated to a wonderful group of helpful participants–leaders, naturalists and fellow travelers. Patience abounded! What a store of information I have gathered, my head swims in colorful birds and other animals. Our stop at riverside villages was enlilghtening.

Kate L
Englewood, NJ
5 years ago
Wonderful trip in every way

I took the Galapagos trip that began June 16, 2019. The trip exceeded my expectations and they were already pretty high. Everything was praiseworthy–the logistics, the ship, the crew, the food, and the guides. Kevin Loughlin, Pedro Guaycha and John Kricher are all so experienced and knowledgeable, and fun to be with. Kevin is a very relaxed but efficient leader, so the atmosphere is always enjoyable. The photo opportunities were of course spectacular.

The pace was not leisurely! Early morning start and three excursions every day. But even as the oldest among the party (late 70s) I was able to keep up, and thoroughly enjoy everything. The crew were always helpful with things like climbing back into a panga (zodiak) from the water after snorkeling.

The hotel in Quito was also extremely comfortable, and the trip to see hummingbirds in the cloud forest a dividend. I highly recommend this trip, and wish I were still there.

Lyn Muench
Port Angeles WA - rural Olympic Peninsula
5 years ago
Dry Tortugas so enjoyable...birding was impressive

I want to thank you for helping make our Dry Tortugas so enjoyable. We had a great time and the birding was impressive.

Vienna, VA
5 years ago
We had SO much fun!

Wildside Tours’ four-day Dry Tortugas boat trip produced the goods in spades. Leaders Adrian Binns, who legally changed his name to suit his profession, and actor/birding guide Andy Samberg/Chris Brown were wildely funny – and effective guides…we had SO much fun!

John W
5 years ago
Wonderful Birding Tour

Gabriel’s birding tour was one of the best birding tours we’ve ever taken. Based on the excellent reviews we found online, we booked a private half-day tour and the price was very reasonable. Gabriel is a well known birding expert in Puerto Rico and he knew all the best locations for spotting PR endemics and other sought after species. He is very professional, friendly, and a good driver. He picked us up at the hotel in a nice, clean car and had an excellent spotting scope. The tour turned out to be much more than just a successful birding trip, we saw a lot of the island including unique landscapes and beautiful wildlife areas. We highly recommend his birding tours.

Cheryl and Tony
Long Beach
5 years ago

This trip to Kenya was an AMAZING experience of a lifetime! Couldn’t believe we could see over 450 birds in so short a time. Seeing all three types of giraffes, 2 species of zebras, elephants, blk and wh rhinos, wildebeests, etc. in their natural setting was wonderful. And that lake of flamingos! WOW! The drama of the gnu and the crocodiles was truly an experience one could only have in Africa.
Adrian was the best of leaders and his Kenyan birding helpers were fabulous. We loved the unique and beautiful accommodations also. Thank you so much for all of it!

Ginny L
5 years ago
Kenya August 2019

Thank you Adrian for 3 fabulous weeks of wildlife watching. I expected this to be a birdy trip and it far exceeded my expectations. Your enthusiasm, knowledge and wit made every sighting, bird and mammal, into a lasting memory. I particularly enjoyed spending time sitting and watching the wildlife and waiting for the unexpected to happen. It never disappointed and neither did the entire trip.

Whitestone, NY
5 years ago
Amazing trip to Kenya!

Adrian was an amazing guide, knowing virtually every bird we heard and saw. In addition to knowing them on sight or sound, he planned special stops to find individual birds that would not be available anywhere else.

In addition to identification, Adrian was also a font of knowledge about the animals we saw (birds and otherwise); I learned about more than just birds on the trip.

The lodges we stayed at were all great, giving us the opportunity to see wildlife in public spaces in the buildings, and sometimes even from our rooms.

All in all, it was a really amazing trip and I’m glad I got to see the animals I did!

Jeremiah L.
Alameda, CA
5 years ago
Central California

This was my sixth Wildside trip. All have been fantastic! This is my second trip with Alex as my guide. Alex is very knowledgeable and very well prepared. The highlight birds for me were the Ridgway’s rails, the THREE Ruffs and the 25 YES 25 California Condors and most were feeding only 100 yards away! The Pelagic trip was a real bonus seeing the Tufted Puffin and two Blue Whales. Looking forward to the two trips I’ve already booked for 2020.

George Rementer
North Cape May, NJ
5 years ago
Galapagos - August 2019 Trip

The trip exceeded my expectations. The leaders [Kevin Loughlin & Pedro Guaycha] were patient and answered all questions. The yacht crew were attentive and well trained. Food onboard was well prepared and satisfying. The time passed too quickly and every day brought new adventures.

Ed Spreha
Harrisburg PA
5 years ago
Wildside does it right! Pantanal 2019

One of my favorite tours! Good mix of birds and mammals. Fantastic photographic opportunities. Great food and lodging. Wildside does it right!

John K.
St. Petersburg, FL
5 years ago
Trinidad Photo Workshop

Trinidad is a place like no other. There is the magic of seeing so many birds of different species and many very close. Time to practice those action shots. I learned so much about my camera and shooting from the photographer Roger Neckles. His enthusiasm was contagious. He knows where to go to find the birds. The background scenery is also special in your photos. Roger tries very hard to fulfill your every need. I requested to see the Gold and Blue Macaw not dreaming I would see one on my trip. We saw 2 very close up. Roger talks you through what you should be doing while shooting which is very helpful. My photography has greatly improved.

Penny J J
Ventura, CA
5 years ago
Hope to go on a Wildside tour again

The pace of the tour was fine, went to many good birding places including new ones for us, loved all the time we got to spend at raptor counts and marveled at the locations where we saw them; Chalchihuecan early in the AM, Cardel, Chichi, and west of Chichi later in the afternoon. We were privileged to go to the banding station. And the trip was flexible enough that we went to Cantona, where history combined with birds. The food was excellent. – Veracruz ‘River of Raptors”

L.S & J.M
Middletown, NJ
5 years ago
Spectacular wildlife

The Pantanal wildlife is spectacular. You couldn’t ask for better photo ops of jaguars and an ocelot. We had over 250 bird species with good views on almost all of them. Adrian Binns and our local guide, Fisher, were very knowledgeable and helpful in spotting and identifying the birds. Adrian is the only guide that called before a trip to make sure it was what I was looking for. At the airport, Fisher made sure everyone was checked in before he left. Highly recommended.

Dick S
St. Petersburg, FL
5 years ago
More than we had hoped to see!

The prairie chicken tour was fabulous. Gary and I were so happy with Chris’ leader abilities that we would love to go the FL + Dry Tortugas tour with him next April.
– Colorado, April 2018

5 years ago
Great trip to a fascinating area

This was my third trip to the Dry Tortugas. Unlike all of the others, the boat ‘Makai’ was very comfortable and far more private. The group was small and friendly. The food excellent. The crew worked well together. Adrian worked hard to find every possible bird and to ensure the comfort of all aboard. Thanks for a great trip.

Bob & Eileen M.
Yardley, PA
4 years ago
Spectacular Spain

Birding in Spain with Adrian was a truly spectacular trip. We saw an extraordinary number of migratory and resident birds, admired gorgeous landscapes, and ate the most delicious food at every single meal! From wetlands and waterbirds at Donana, and raptors soaring the cliffs of Monfrague, to bustards at Belchite, and the amazing Wallcreeper at the Pyrenees, we experienced new sights and adventures each day. Such a wonderful trip!

Debbie B.
Philadelphia PA
4 years ago
Great Time in Spain

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Adrian in Spain. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us. We appreciate your patience and sense of humor especially. We had great birds and great times – thanks to you.

J & S C
Ft. Walton Beach, FL
4 years ago
Spectacular Time in Spain

Thanks for a really wonderful trip to Spain. Adrian put together a great itinerary and Yeray was an excellent local guide. I really enjoyed Adrian’s sense of humor and easy-going approach to the trip. There was a great sense of camaraderie amongst our group that I believe you fostered. I would definitely do another birding trip with you. I had a spectacular time.

Anne C
Gainesville, FL
4 years ago
Amazing Trip to the Dry Tortugas!

The Dry Tortugas is one of those “must visit” places for every birder! Wildside Nature Tours offers a fantastic experience, with comfortable living quarters on the boat and delicious, freshly prepared food each day. Adrian Binns and Chris Brown are exceptional guides. True professionals – they made sure that all eyes connected with every bird. Their passion for the birds, and their appreciation of the surrounding beauty of the island, ocean and landscape was contagious. Their enthusiasm enhanced the level of excitement and fun for everyone on the entire trip. I can’t wait for my next birding adventure with Wildside!

Becky L.
Bayville, NJ
4 years ago
Alaska touched my heart

I would recommend Wildside Nature Tours for anyone who wants to explore this area of Alaska and I suggest that you do. The glaciers are grand and amazing (and shrinking), the bears are grand and I was in awe watching them, the whales are majestic and graceful, the scenery is beautiful.

Seldom does a trip touch my heart where I know I will remember all the details. Well there were too many details to remember, but the experience of seeing Alaska touched my heart and the best part was sharing it with my best friend in the world, my wife Misse.

As a side note, my wife Misse is not that interested in photography and this was advertised as a photography tour. I can tell you that although she was concerned with this, she had an amazing time and did not feel that she lost out on anything just because her spouse happens to be a little obsessed with taking photos. She also had an amazing time.

Eric R
4 years ago
Southern California Trip

This trip to Southern California was my seventh Wildside trip. This trip was, as all of my trips with Wildside, fabulous! This was also my third trip with Alex Lamoreaux as guide. Alex is a superb all around birding, flora and fauna expert. As a bonus he has a great knack for picking great dinner spots. My wife and I have been on five North American tours and two international tours, with two more trips with Wildside to come this year. Treat yourself to one of their many trips – you won’t be disappointed.

George Rementer
North Cape May
4 years ago
Puerto Rico

I traveled with Gabriel on the 5 day 4 night Puerto Rico tour and was delighted by his professionalism as both a guide and tour leader and was very impressed by his birding skills. Gabriel showed great care in making sure all members of our group got good views of a select group of endemics. He is a very capable photographer and was quite patient and helpful in providing assistance to me with my photography. Gabriel’s ability to handle all aspects of our trip while keeping a watchful eye on our bird targets is very impressive.

Susan C
Boston Massachusetts
4 years ago
Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico trip is a great way to see a unique and memorable set of endemic birds while touring the island. There is opportunity to see very varied terrain while observing a varied group of birds.

Susan C
Boston, Massachusetts
4 years ago
Puerto Rico 5-Day

An excellent trip! There is a good possibility of seeing all endemics, plus many other birds. The guide is terrific, the lodging and meals are great, the van is comfortable. We visited many different habitats with different birds. A nice way to see much of Puerto Rico.

Orlando, Florida
4 years ago
Puerto Rico 5-Day

Gabriel is a super knowledgable and talented guide. He knows exactly where to look for each of the Puerto Rican endemics and more. He takes great care of everyone in the group. Can’t recommend him highly enough!

Orlando, Florida
4 years ago
Wildlife, culture and great leader

This was a trip of a lifetime and Adrian Binns is a remarkable leader — who includes culture, and his knowledge of the life history of mammals, birds, and other wildlife we see. You can’t truly immerse yourself in a county if you don’t get to know the culture and the people along with the wildlife and their interesting behaviors. He also is a good listener if you have concerns. The places we stayed at were wonderful, different and fascinating. Adrian’s love and knowledge of Africa really shines through. He’s the leader you want for a trip that required lots of planning and saving.

Sheryl DeVore
Mundelein Illinois
4 years ago
Amazon Riverboat Cruise 2020

The 2020 Amazon Riverboat Photography workshop provided all participants a multitude of interesting and challenging photography opportunities. From macro shots of frogs and insects, to shots of nine species of primates, to screen filling birds, like the horned screamers and pterodactyl-like hoatzins, there were not many moments when we were not photographing something. The pros offered continuous suggestions and reminders to help assure we had great images.

The riverboat was large, comfortable and the crew saw to our every need. As with all Wildside trips, local culture was not ignored and we had opportunism to relate to indigenous people.

A Wildside feature of every trip, outstanding local guides, was no exception on this trip. I would recommend this wholeheartedly to any nature photographer or birder.

Bill B
4 years ago
Birding Machu Picchu 2020

No photo of Machu Picchu does justice to it. Seeing it is awe inspiring, and I use that phrase very sparingly. But it was not the highlight of the Birding Machu Picchu trip.

THE highlight was, and always will be, Edison Buenaño. His skill as a guide and his encyclopedic ecological knowledge are unparalleled. This was my eighth trip with Wildside and I never had a guide who wasn’t first rate but Edison is the apex of that very tall pyramid. We saw a wide variety of avian species at every birding location, including high in the Andes where the air was thin but not the bird tally.

Beyond Machu Picchu other cultural sites were not ignored in and around Cusco. And Aguascalientes, the tourist town jumping off point for Machu Picchu was, itself, quite photogenic. Accessed only by train the trip back featured lively music, wild costumes and a fashion show! Not exactly Amtrak!

I would recommend this trip to any birder who seeks the best in guides, birds and cultural immersion.

Bill B
4 years ago
Incredible India!

Thank you for another wonderful trip filled with stunning scenery, magnificent cultural landmarks, delicious food, and of course great wildlife.

Cincinnati OH
4 years ago
WOW!!! What and Adventure!

Fantastic photographic adventure! Wolves, fox, coyotes, buffalo beyond imagination, eagles (Bald and Golden), panoramic views, you name it — we saw it and the leaders provided it.

Tour leader Kevin is the consummate host and trail guide plus we had Lee Hoy who must be the greatest Olympus Camera technician. I was impressed at how much better my photography became as the week progressed. Night seminars about composition techniques and histogram usage were excellent.

Home now, laundry done and planning my next trip with Wildside. Can’t encourage folks more to take advantage of this adventure tour or any other offered. Small groups, lots of instructors, and fun!

Firestone, CO
3 years ago
An excellent tropical bird adventure

I just returned from this excellent birding tour. Glenn Crawford is one of the very best bird guides I have traveled with; his eyes and ears are amazingly attuned to birds, and he is very skilled (and patient) in describing a bird’s location in dense tropical foliage. He is personable and quite attuned to the individual needs of participants. The two lodges where we stayed are wonderful, with friendly staff, excellent food, and terrific accommodations. People considering the tour should know in advance that tropical woodland birding is CHALLENGING, as these birds tend towards the secretive and furtive, and yes, there are mosquitoes sometimes. But the birding is rewarding, and around the lodges there are some fantastic birds that are easily seen and photographed. There are a couple of pleasant boating excursions that add variety to the trip. I had a wonderful tour experience and recommend this trip highly.

Doug Greenberg
Berkeley, CA
2 years ago
Fantastic tour of southern Texas

This is my second tour with Alex and will be far from my last. He is such a gentle, even-keeled young man besides being an excellent birder, guide and group leader. It was a relaxed and fun trip. We saw almost every bird we targeted and some. He was so patient in his explanations and making sure everyone was catered too. Thanks

Miami FL
2 years ago
Sky Islands Specialties

This was my first trip with Wildside and my first guided birding trip, and it was more than I ever thought possible. Once I hooked up with Alex, the guide, everything was taken care of. I didn’t have to worry about directions to the best birding sites, and each stop seemed to be made specially for the group. Alex’s knowledge is encyclopedic, and his understanding of habitat and ability to ID mammals, insects, and reptiles only enhanced the overall positive feel of the excursion. Numerous birds were easy to encounter, but the trip wasn’t just about numbers. Alex made each bird seem more than a number and related a bit about the natural history surrounding each one. The trip was jam-packed with stops and birding, but there was never any pressure on any trip member to push beyond limits or comfort levels. I can’t speak highly enough about my experience. Book this trip! You won’t be disappointed.

Ken Bales
Santa Fe, NM
2 years ago
First trip with Wildside Nature Tours, but certainly not the last!

Our trip to the Brazilian Pantanal exceeded our expectations. Adrian’s spotting skills are phenomenal – expert eyes and ears. We were particularly impressed by his determination that every trip participant see the target species he, our local guide, or fellow participants have identified. Adrian’s knowledge of the natural world is vast and deep, and his enthusiasm for sharing that knowledge contagious. His experience, professionalism and sense of humor made him a pleasure to travel with. Everything from the itinerary, lodging, selection of local guides – Fisher, you are the best!, boat drivers and support staff gave testimony to a well organized trip. Looking forward to upcoming trips with you!

Deb Lanni and Bruce Fox
Stockton, NY
2 years ago
Dominican Republic birding

My wife and I plus two close birding friends just returned from a 1 week birding tour of the Dominican Republic led by Gabriel Lugo. It exceeded our expectations! The weather was cooperative, planning by Wildside was excellent and our leader Gabriel was amazing. My wife and I had used Gabriel before when we did a birding tour of Puerto Rico back in 2012. Once again he displayed a vast array of knowledge about the birds calls, habits and his sighting was excellent. What a great trip we had. Can’t wait till we can travel with Wildside again and more specifically with Gabriel.

Leonard Fumi
Charlotte, NC
1 year ago
Costa Rica 18/3/23 - 26/3/23

This tour surpassed all of my expectations and was superbly run by Glenn Crawford.
His knowledge and bird finding abilities were excellent. It was a great pleasure being around him. I highly recommend him and my intention is to go on another tour, once he is the tour leader

Craig Millar
Port of Spain Trinidad &Tobago
1 year ago
Colorado Chicken Tour

This was my 15th Wildside trip. All my trips with Wildside have been great!! This one is definitely a trip you don’t want to miss. Seeing all these “Chickens” was a very special and unique experience some of the birds would be very difficult or impossible to see on your own. Our guide Chris knows the birds, and their locations like no one else. He’s guided this trip many times and knows where to go! I really like Wildside trips due to the small number of birders ( no more than seven). Also meals are not included so you don’t spend a lot of time waiting for everyone to finish eating! Birding is the emphasis not eating! Again Great trip and Guide!!!

George R
North Cape May
1 year ago
Colorado: Chicken Odyssey

The trip was one of the best trips I have experienced this year. Chris was a wonderful tour guide, he truly went above and beyond when it came to the birding experiences. I highly suggest that this organization should keep up with the birding tours. As long as Wildside keeps doing birding tours you will still have customers, myself including. If you are taking suggestions for potential new places. I think that Wildside should look into the far east, Thailand and Vietnam just to name a few. Also, I feel that Wildside should organize a birding tour in the state of Alaska. Those are just my suggestions that people like me would gladly sign up for.

Jared Ganeles
Armonk, New York
1 year ago
Fantastic Tour -highly recommend

I am so happy to have been able to grab a spot on this tour. Adrian was amazing – he is not only able to find the birds, but he also made sure everyone had a look! How he found the Black Noddy I will never know, but I think it has to do with Adrian’s “Noddy Rules!!” We saw beautiful Sooty, Bridled and Roseate terns and so many nesting Magnificent Frigatebirds and Sooty Terns with young. We also saw lots of warblers, thrushes and even a Rose-breasted Grosbeak! The Makai was so comfortable and Mark and Billy took excellent care of us. Kathy fixed us the most delicious food and Captain Joe made sure everything was ship-shape! I would definitely go again!!

Liz S.
Summerfield, FL
1 year ago
Texas Black Capped Vireo & Golden Cheeked Warbler

This was my Sixteenth Wildside trip and my sixth plus trip with Alex. I’m losing count !!
This was a great bird packed couple of days!! Alex is the energizer bunny of bird guides! As with all of Wildside’s trips you are getting a great guide and host.
The standout moments for me were the Poorwill that we got to examine closely, the Golden Cheeked warbler feeding its baby chick, and the one and a half million Mexican Freetail Bats flying out from underneath the bridge in Austin !!! What a great trip, put it on your to do list !

George R
North Cape May, New Jersey
1 year ago
Hawaii October 2023

I’ve been on 18 Wildside tours and Hawaii is among the best. Mandy and Chris were terrific guides and hosts. As hosts they thought of every detail including places to eat, snacks for the road and most importantly bathroom stops! Their knowledge of the birds is only one part of their expertise. Mandy is well versed in all things Hawaii including the vegetation, animals, bugs, whales etc. The accommodations and meals were all first class. Again, a terrific trip that I highly recommend!!!

George Rementer
North Cape May, NJ
8 months ago

Not enough superlatives to describe this tour. Great leader from Alyce Bender, putting us right where the whooping cranes were in morning light and afternoon in the photo blinds. Boating on the bay was fun, finding the crane families with the best light was easy as Alyce knew the area and crane lore. Boating back after cranes went to feed in fields was eventful as we stopped at oyster bars and reefs to shoot oyster catchers, terns, and many other shore birds. Tour leader Alyce displayed great knowledge of fauna and flora of the area and assisted members with camera questions and shooting techniques that greatly improved my photos. Now to sort through a couple of thousand photos! I recommend this trip to anyone interested in whooping cranes and birds of the Gulf Shore!

Thomas R
5 months ago
Perfect blend of people and nature

Little did I know that when I met you all those years ago that you would help me have one of my “life experiences”.
I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this trip/experience. Every day was new birds, exciting animal sightings, amazing places and oh so many laughs. What a perfect blend of people and nature this has been for me. I’m so thankful tp have been able to experience your knowledge and expertise in this magical land. Thank you….with so much gratitude.
– Tina S.

Default Avatar75
Tina S
Pipersville, PA
5 months ago
The best the desert has to offer

Best birds in the country? Spring in Arizona makes an awfully strong case. Best guides in the country? That’s an even easier debate. This Wildside Tour was a real pleasure and an excellent value, packing in so many good birds in so many unforgettable places, all from one convenient central site. For the raptor-lover, Southeast Arizona in March will offer great looks at some of the most unique and specialized birds of prey that we have. The Tubac Hawkwatch is a terrific place to observe the very consistent, very condensed migration of the regal Common Black Hawk. The unique community around this hawkwatch made every visit exciting; the 2024 crowds were impressive and the energy and excitement were palpable. We finished just short of 20 species of raptors; with excellent looks at all of the Arizona specialties.

In terms of the other birds, the wildly varied habitats we were able to explore on our trip showed many different sides of Arizona and how the extraordinary birds of the Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts are able to make a living. Some of my favorite spots we visited were full of desolate beauty – Saguaro National Park, the San Rafael Grasslands, and Box Canyon. Other spots, however, were full of unique community spirit and showed how well people and birds can co-exist together: the Paton Center for Hummingbirds, Desert Meadows Park and the Santa Rita Lodge. Uncommon gems like the Green Kingfisher, Violet-crowned Hummingbird, and Painted Redstart created exhilarating moments.The common locals like Vermillion Flycatcher, Greater Roadrunner and Cactus Wren most certainly lived up to their charming reputations.

All in all, I was most impressed with our guides; their experience and naturalist skills were incomparable and ensured that we were always just moments away from the next exciting encounter. Alex and Chris balanced seeking out the local specialties with regional rarities, all while showcasing the desert landscape and ensuring the guests got the experience they were looking for out of the trip. I hope to have the opportunity to bird with them again someday soon.

Brian Rusnica
Townsend, MA
2 months ago
Well worth the time and expense!

Lee is a great teacher both about camera settings and birds. The photography sessions had a great number of photo opportunities and the local guide was very knowledgeable.

My biggest benefit was the amount of personal instruction on settings and techniques from Lee. I now shoot totally differently and the keeper rate has greatly increased. Besides that Lee is just a fun guy to be around!

Jim Jordan
Austin, TX
2 months ago
Owls for days

It’s not the quantity but definitely the quality of birds on this trip. We didn’t have too much snow and no colder than 15F each day.
Our guides Alex and Steve , who was a local, knew exactly where to find each species. No matter how long it took to find.
I really enjoyed the quiet locations, the forests and thankful for the 12 lifers.

San Francisco
1 month ago
An outstanding experience with an incredible guide

This was the trip of the year. Despite the tour only being four days, Alex manages to jam it full of incredible experiences that will leave you in awe of the natural beauty of Texas as well as his knowledge of the birds who call it home.

The tour transitioned from birding spot to birding spot seamlessly without any awkward pauses. The trip is well planned and perfectly executed to ensure that all time is well utilized to see as many birds as you can. This is a short trip so there’s very little time spent resting which we were very happy about.

Every day was memorable and remarkable but the species that will stick in our mind as especially amazing, out of the 163 our tour saw, were the Golden-Cheeked Warblers, Black-Capped Vireos, Scott’s Oriole, Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers, Lark Sparrows, Nashville Warblers, Wilson’s Phalaropes, Bell’s Vireos, White-Faced Ibises, Black-Chinned Hummingbirds, Ladder-Backed Woodpeckers, Black-Throated Sparrows, Tropical Parula, The Common Poorwill, The Mountain Subspecies Of The White-Crowned Sparrow, Macgillivray’s Warbler, Canyon Towhee, Hutton’s Vireo, Olive Sparrow, and the Rufous-crowned Sparrow.

Birding with someone as skilled as Alex is a special experience. You walk without the hyper-focus that can come with birding, not worried that any lapse in attention can lead you to miss a bird. Instead, you walk immersed in nature with the assurance that you have a keen ear and a fast eye that will undoubtedly find the birds you want to see and point you in the right direction. You can ask him anything about the birds and 99.9% of the time he will have a well researched answer ready for you. He does all this without pretension or an air of superiority, despite being an absolutely incredible birder with a rare level of skill. All levels of experience will feel welcomed on this tour, beginner birders should feel comfortable signing up as well as the most advanced.

Julia and Sylvie
Windermere, Florida
4 weeks ago

I was on a tour at Macgee Marsh that was led by Glenn and some others. It was fabulous! I learned so much and even got to speak Spanish with him. He was very knowledgable, enthusiastic and patient with those of us with limited birding experience. What a wealth of information!

Stacy B.
Westlake, OH
2 weeks ago
Lifelong Dream

Our trip to Kenya was otally AMAZING! Well worth the elephants walking freely, a leopard in a tree, the gnu spectacle in the river with the crocs, herds of zebra, getting chased by hippos in the lake , lions walking right by the jeep, both white and black rhinos, 3 types of giraffes, and the many unique birds. My husband and I took his dream trip to the Galapagos with Kevin a year earlier and this was my lifelong dream to go to Kenya. So glad we did before the pandemic and health issues. Do Not delay living your dreams while you still can! Explore the world with Wildside Nature Tours!!

Bally, Pennsylvania
2 weeks ago
My Wildside trips

I’ve been on 18 Wildside birding trips from Maine to Hawaii. Every one has been terrific I’ve also been to Costa Rica Belize and the Galapagos with Wildside All the guides are very knowledgeable and helpful
Meals are not included on US trips which is fine with me since I don’t eat every meal and can order as much or as little as I want
The guides are terrific and very helpful!

George Rementer
Cape may nj
6 days ago