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About Lisa Langell

Lisa Langell is a multi-award-winning photographer from Scottsdale, Arizona. She is best known for her evocative images that create both a visual and emotional connection for the viewer. Lisa works to create not just a photograph—but a moving experience with nature.

Lisa’s images have been published in magazines, newspapers, and other works including Arizona Highways, Ranger Rick, Phoenix Home & Garden, Images Arizona, Arizona Wildlife Views, and many more. Her work has also earned honors and awards from the National Wildlife Federation, North American Nature Photography Association, Professional Photographer’s Association, Arizona Highways, and others.

Lisa is a member of several prominent photography organizations and sits on the Board of Directors for the North American Nature Photography Association. She works hard to support both nature and the people who photograph it.

As a nature photographer, Lisa is also passionate about environmental cleanup and preservation. She is the founder of Picture It Clean (, a non-profit organization that mobilizes nature photographers and their friends to assist in trash cleanup events nationally. It helps more intimately connect photographers with their local habitats and fosters a symbiotic relationship with both the lands we use for photography and the life that resides within them.

In addition to photography, Lisa is deeply passionate about providing excellent photography instruction. As a former Educational Psychologist, Lisa worked for years with children with special needs. By learning scientifically backed methods that work best to teach children with special needs, she also discovered techniques and best practices for teaching youth and adults. She loves to make learning fun, engaging, discovery-based, and interactive.

As a photography instructor, she thoroughly enjoys teaching classes and workshops locally, nationally, and online. Participants are drawn to her unique topics, locations and excursions, but especially for her helpful instruction provided in a vibrant, sincere, and supportive approach as they progress in their own journeys with photography.

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Kevin Loughlin, Lisa Langell, and Pedro Guaycha


Kevin Loughlin, Lisa Langell, and Pedro Guaycha