LIST: South Texas Reptile & Amphibian List



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Texas Spiny Lizard, photograph by Alex Lamoreaux

This is an in-progress, cumulative listing of all 26 reptile and amphibian species definitively documented on our spring and fall ‘Rio Grande Valley’ birding tours between 2016 and 2020. Although our two annual birding tours are scheduled for the peak bird activity during the spring and fall migrations each year, the Rio Grande Valley is also a herpetological mecca and it’s hard to ignore the incredible diversity of species we encounter while visiting the birding hotspots of the region. The subtropical climate of South Texas brings together a large diversity of snakes, lizards, frogs, and other herps with US species meeting Mexican species along the Lower Rio Grande River. Remnant and restored natural areas throughout the Valley’s refuges and parks in addition to urban, exotic plantings combine to provide an assortment of habitats that support a nice list of herp species. Our tours always take a few moments each day to admire these colorful creatures and document which species we come across. This list is a reference for our South Texas tour sightings. We hope to continue adding to this list on future tours!

South Texas Reptiles & Amphibians (26 species)


Toads & Frogs

Gulf Coast Toad

Rio Grande Leopard Frog


American Alligator


Brown Anole

Green Anole


Graphic Spiny Lizard

Texas Spiny Lizard

Blue Spiny Lizard

Rose-bellied Lizard

Texas Horned Lizard

Greater Earless Lizard

Common Spotted Whiptail


Western Ribbon Snake

Diamondback Watersnake


Speckled Racer

Prairie Kingsnake

Great Plains Ratsnake

Ruthven’s Whipsnake

Turtles & Tortoises

Green Sea Turtle

Texas Spiny Softshell Turtle

Red-eared Slider

Common Slider

Texas Cooter

Texas Map Turtle

Texas Tortoise

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