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2024 :: October 6 - October 12



From: $2,650 (See details)
Cost is per person, double occupancy from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PHL)


3 - 7 Participants


2024: 7 spaces available


This tour is available as a private trip for any size group. The tour cost will vary with the number of people and any custom requests.

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  • Visiting world famous Cape May and Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
  • Major fall raptor migration destinations
  • Peak of fall songbird migration

Description of CAPE MAY & DELAWARE BAY

On this tour we’ll experience some of the best fall birding in the United States. We will bird New Jersey and parts of Delaware. We’ll visit the famous Cape May hawk watch and a fabulous sea watch in Avalon, New Jersey. We’ll bird coastal and inland marshes, mudflats, grasslands, freshwater lakes, and both pine forests and deciduous woodland areas. Many birds winter here and there will still be many late migrants coming through. Over 300 species of birds have been recorded during this week here in eBird.

This will be near peak season for both Golden Eagle and Northern Goshawk. Many species of waterfowl will just be arriving. And many species of shorebirds will linger into this week. Land birds will be present in an amazing variety. This is a really fun time to visit the mid-Atlantic region.

Some of the birds we may see include Snow Goose, Brant, Mute Swan, Tundra Swan, Eurasian Wigeon, American Black Duck, Surf, Black, and White-winged Scoters, Red-throated Loon, Great Cormorant, Northern Gannet, American Bittern, Golden Eagle, Northern Goshawk, Clapper Rail, American Oystercatcher, Hudsonian Godwit, Red Knot, Stilt Sandpiper, White-rumped Sandpiper, Parasitic Jaeger, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Black Skimmer, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Brown Creeper, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Winter Wren, Hermit Thrush, Blackpoll Warbler, Nelson’s Sparrow, Saltmarsh Sparrow, Seaside Sparrow, Rusty Blackbird, and Purple Finch.

Length of Tour


Brief Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrivals at Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia, PA (PHL)

Day 2 through 6 – Barnegat Light, NJ, Edwin B Forsythe NWR, NJ; Avalon Seawatch; Stone Harbor Point; Nummy Island; Higbee Beach, NJ; Cape May Hawkwatch, NJ; Cape May Beanery, NJ; Cape May Meadows, NJ; Cape May Lewes Ferry; Cape Henlopen Hawk Watch, DE; Bombay Hook NWR, DE

Day 7 – Departures from PHL International Airport in Philadelphia, PA (PHL)

Full Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival at Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia, PA. (PHL)

Arrival at Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia, PA (PHL)Orientation at dinner. Night in Philadelphia, PA. If all our flights arrive early we will have some time to bird local Philadelphia hotspots.

Day 2 – 6 Southern New Jersey and Delaware

The jetty at Barnegat Light, NJ can be an impressive place to bird in the winter months. We’ll be a tad early for the goodies. But the timing is so close as to merit a stop to check for Harlequin Duck, Long-tailed Duck, Black Scoter, and Purple Sandpiper. Night near Atlantic City, NJ.

Near Tuckerton, NJ, the birds here include American Oystercatcher, Dunlin, and a chance to get lucky with a few of the more secretive birds on our target list like Seaside Sparrow, Nelson’s Sparrow, and Saltmarsh Sparrow.

Edwin B Forsythe NWR is a premiere birding hotspot in New Jersey. We’ll hope to find Mute Swan, American Black Duck, Brant, and lingering shorebirds including both species of dowitchers. Rarities do show up here. It’s a locale that is fun to bird.

The Avalon Seawatch targets will probably be seen only here and nowhere else. Birds here may include Northern Gannet, any of the 3 scoter species, both scaup, Red-throated Loon, and Great Cormorant.

Stone Harbor Point is another good shorebird location. We may find Brant, American Oystercatcher, Red Knot, Ruddy Turnstone, and even Piping Plover is a possibility.

If daylight still remains we’ll stop at nearby Nummy Island on our way to Cape May, NJ. As of July, 2015 a total of 28 species of shorebirds have been reported here…in October alone. Also possible are Clapper Rail, American Bittern, Snowy Egret, Little Blue Heron, Tricolored Heron, and both species of night-herons.

Hopefully we’ll have good winds out of the Northwest overnight. We’ll start out at Higbee Beach along the dike and watch for late migrants. As the temperatures start to rise we’ll head over to the famous Cape May Hawkwatch. From the platform we’ll bird the nearby lake and bushes, but the real focus will be in the air. Watch hawks “appear” out of the blue to the north of us and then fly over us makes for a very exciting experience. Next we’ll drive over to the Beanery and bird a little different habitat. We’ll finish the day going over to the Meadows in mid to late afternoon. Cape May can produce some of the finest birding in the fall. It should be on every birder’s bucket list.

Birds on Cape Island may include Red-headed Woodpecker, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Winter Wren, Rusty Blackbird, Purple Finch, Blackpoll Warbler, Dickcissel, Brown Creeper, Eurasian Wigeon, Hermit Thrush, White-throated Sparrow, Broad-winged Hawk, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Cooper’s Hawk, Merlin, Peregrine Falcon, Mute Swan, Black Skimmer, Yellow-rumped Warbler, American Bittern, Marsh Wren, White-rumped Sandpiper, and long shots like Golden Eagle and Northern Goshawk. Night near Cape May, NJ again.

We’ll take a morning trip on the Cape May Lewes Ferry from Cape May, NJ to Lewes, DE. Some possibilities on the ferry include scoters, gulls, Northern Gannet, and Parasitic Jaeger.

The area near the point where the Cape Henlopen Hawk Watch is located is a great place to bird. Here we may find Red-throated Loon, Peregrine Falcon, Merlin, Northern Gannet, Parasitic Jaeger, Lesser Black-backed Gull, and possibly Brown-headed Nuthatch.

Our last stop of the day is Bombay Hook NWR north of Dover, DE. Bombay Hook is legendary for its shorebirds. And hopefully we’ll be lucky enough to see a few early returning Tundra Swans. These birds are found in large concentrations around the Chesapeake Bay each winter. Seeing a flock of 800-1000 birds feeding in a field corn stubble is always exciting. In addition to the swans we’ll hope to find shorebirds including Stilt Sandpiper, Black-necked Stilt, American Avocet, Marbled Godwit, and maybe a Hudsonian Godwit, Pectoral Sandpiper, or a vagrant like a Ruff or who knows what.

Day 7 – Departures from Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia, PA. (PHL)

Tour ends. Departures from Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia, PA (PHL).


Cost is $2,650 per person, based upon double occupancy, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Airport code PHL).
This trip ends in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Airport code PHL).

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This trip stay at a  standard hotel in Cape May.

Activity Level Rating: (Note: 1 is easy and 5 is difficult)

Mostly easy walks. Some sand and/or muddy areas. A rocky jetty that may be slippery.

Recommended Field Guide

Sibley Birds East (2nd Edition, 2016, Knopf)

by David Allen Sibley

Sibley Birds is also available as an eGuide App

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