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Photography Workshop Instructor



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About Sandy Zelasko

Sandy Zelasko, a professional photographer, DBA Sandra Lee Photography for 30+ years, is an accomplished speaker, instructor and hands-on nature photography workshop leader. “Introducing enthusiasts to the art of nature photography is extremely rewarding,” Zelasko shares. “Surrounding yourself in nature and witnessing wildlife in action is exceptionally satisfying.” Sandy is a freelance nature photographer specializing in North American wildlife, Zelasko promotes ethical practices in the field of conservation photography and donates her talents towards land acquisition for better connectivity and wildlife sustainability. Her photography is international awarded and most recently published in Nature’s Best Magazine, Wyoming Wildlife Magazine, Wild Planet Photo Magazine and the Photographic Society of America Journal. Zelasko is a judge for many photography competitions, local and international and enjoys reviewing all levels of photographic portfolios.

She invests herself in student success. “Patience truly is a virtue” and Zelasko practices that mantra by listening to participant needs so she can best deliver solutions for student understanding and achievement. Zelasko continues to grow her knowledge of the natural world while adding to her library of imagery. Her workshop schedule and more information can be viewed at

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Sandy Zelasko