2023 Sandhill Crane Migration Trip Report

Wildside Sandhill Crane Migration 2023 (62)


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We just returned back from one of the most spectacular wildlife experiences in the world, the Sandhill Crane migration along the Platte River in Nebraska and my heart is full. Leading this trip  and getting to share special places like this one with my clients brings me so much joy.

With nearly half a million cranes flying overhead and taking off and landing on the river each morning and evening is unlike anything else you will see in the world. Sandhill Cranes stand roughly four feet tall and use this critical stop over in Nebraska to rest and refuel for their long journey to their breeding grounds. Without this habitat these birds would have a nearly impossible task of making it all the way north.

We spent three mornings and three evenings in the photo blinds along the Platte River watching the cranes come and go from the river, where they roost at night. During the middle of the day we would drive up and down the farm roads photographing the cranes who are in the corn fields, refueling for the long journey to their northern breeding grounds.

This was a spectacular workshop, with perfect weather and more cranes than you could possibly imagine.

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