TRIP REPORT: YELLOWSTONE: 2023 Winter Photography Workshops

YNP 13


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The 2023 Yellowstone in Winter photography workshops will chock full of adventure, excitement and great photographic opportunities! We were silly with coyotes including a coyote kill of a trumpeter swan which was shared with bald eagles. This was an amazing photographic experience which lasted for a good hour or so resulted in an obscene number of outstanding images of both the coyotes and eagles. We also had an extremely cold day around -30 to -40F and got some spectacular hoarfrost covered bison! An exciting encounter with a Long-tailed Weasel with three (3) different photographic opportunities as it bounded about hunting left every participant on our second workshop with some amazing images. The first workshop had not one but two encounters with a particularly active Pine Marten. Two days of snowcoach rides through west Yellowstone and our favorite local guide gave us a chance to photograph one of my favorite winter landscape scenes at Dragon’s Mouth. While at Dragon’s Mouth, three bison walked up and behind the mud volcano that is Dragon’s Mouth and gave us some great shots of bison emerging from the steam.

A recent snowfall left us with a winter wonderland for pronghorns, elk, and bison near Gardiner. What I enjoy about this part of the workshop is the backdrop of mountains and the opportunity to photograph pronghorn up close. We had more than the usual encounters with moose as well a few at very close range. The thing about Yellowstone in winter is you never know what amazing photographic experiences you will be offered, but you can be sure it will be something spectacular. Recent years include a wolf at very close range, a Red Fox eating the remains of a porcupine, and this year’s hoarfrost bison to name a few.

We are offering three (3) workshops in 2024 with two (2) being co-led by Lisa Langell and another with Dawn Wilson. The first two with Lisa are sold out but we still have space on the third! You will not want to miss the magic of Yellowstone in winter.

Learn more about the 2024 workshop click here.

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