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GRAND TETONS: Spring Wildlife Photography Workshop



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2023 :: May 21 - May 27


From: $4,699 (See details)
Cost is per person, double occupancy from Jackson, Wyoming. (JAC)


4 - 6 Participants


2023 – 4 spaces available


This tour is available as a private trip for any size group. The tour cost will vary with the number of people and any custom requests.

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Highlights of GRAND TETONS: Spring Wildlife Photography Workshop

  • Lots of hands-on photo instruction with Tamron Ambassador, Alyce Bender and Nikon shooter, Jennifer Leigh Warner
  • Beat the crowds and explore one of the most beautiful parks in the National Park system!
  • With photographic opportunities around each corner, we focus on the abundant wildlife – from bears to bison – that can be found throughout this diverse park.
  • Quality instruction from two instructors who are very familiar with the park and have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours here.
  • To support women in getting out of their comfort zone and into the wilderness, this will be a women’s only trip! 
  • One lodge for the week, no packing and unpacking!

Description of GRAND TETONS: Spring Wildlife Photography Workshop

Kicking off the newest in offerings is the Wildside Women’s series is the Spring Wildlife Photography Workshop in Grand Teton. Co-lead by Tamron Ambassador, Alyce Bender, and North American Nature Photography Association Ethics Chair, Jennifer Leigh Warner, we will search out the abundant wildlife photography opportunities while capturing the iconic landscape compositions as well. A wide and diverse portfolio will be the takeaway for participants of this workshop!

Springtime in the Tetons is flush with beauty and photographic opportunities. With such a shortened growing season, both flora and fauna burst forth with energy and vigor to make the most of the warmth and food sources that appear. Young babies are welcomed into the world about this time as the wildflowers carpet the landscape. Elk, bison, moose, mule deer, and pronghorn are just a few of the commonly seen species in the area. Both black bears and grizzlies bring their cubs out of hibernation, and, with a bit of luck, we will capture them foraging and learning the “bear” necessities. 

With so much to see, you will be happy for the long days in the field. Evening will be reserved for rest, relaxation, and image critiques as requested.

*Although we will eat our meals as a group, meals costs are not included in this tour.


Length of Tour


Brief Itinerary

Day 1 – May 21st Arrive in Jackson Hole

Day 2-5 – May 22-25th Explore Grand Teton National Park for the various photographic opportunities that occur at this special time of year.

Day 6 – May 26th Open Day

Day 7 – May 27th Return home

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 – May 21st Arrive in Jackson Hole

We will meet in Jackson Hole and have a meet and greet dinner. At dinner we will discuss what to expect in the coming week, photography strategies, logistics, and ethical wildlife photography. 

Day 2-5 – May 22-25th Explore Grand Teton National Park for the various photographic opportunities that occur at this special time of year.

Starting before sunrise, we head out to make the most of our time in this amazing location. While we will cover the iconic locations like Mormon Row, Antelope Flats, Gros Ventre River, Oxbow Bend, and Jenny Lake, we will also be exploring the lesser-known areas for secluded wildlife sightings, wildflower fields, and intimate landscape compositions. 

The main focus of this workshop will be to capture images of the numerous species of wildlife that call this area home. Elk with new antler growth covered in velvet. Bison with their newborn calves, aka “red dogs”, at their sides. Moose grazing in ponds with fresh spring growth starting to appear. And the always anticipated potential of bear sightings with their COY (cubs-of-the-year) trailing behind. Other wildlife opportunities can include pronghorn, coyotes, foxes, badgers, and a whole list of birds. 

Evenings we will have an opportunity for image critiques as the group requests. This can be a great way to grow your skills overnight and be able to apply ideas and techniques the very next day.

Day 6 – May 26th Open Day

Reviewing what the group has seen, the weather anticipated, we make a group decision on what we want to focus on during this last day, be it exploring additional areas or trying to target a specific species or revisiting a beloved location.

Day 7 – May 27th Return home

Depending on flight departure times, we may be able to squeeze in one last sunrise session at a nearby location. From there, we depart for home.


Cost is $4,699 per person, based upon double occupancy, from Jackson, Wyoming. (Airport code JAC.
This trip ends in same as arrival city (Airport code JAC).

*Although we will eat our meals as a group, meals costs are not included in this tour


Single Supplement

If a single hotel room is preferred, or we are unable to find a suitable roommate for you, a single supplement fee of $650 will be assessed.

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Minimum Number

If fewer than the minimum number of required participants are registered, we may still be able to run the trip by adding a small-group supplement fee, per person, determined by the number of participants registered.


Deposit Requirements

A $1,000 deposit per person is required to hold each space on this tour. Deposit may be made online by clicking the "Book Your Trip Now" button and using any credit card. If you prefer, you may call us at 888-875-9453 to pay by phone. You may also mail us a check, however, remember that all space is held on a first come-first served basis as deposits are received.

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The Antler Inn offers comfortable amenities and easy access to our photo locations as well as local eateries and the famous Jackson town square.

Activity Level Rating: (Note: 1 is easy and 5 is difficult)

Park rules prohibit workshop attendees to walk more than a half mile from their vehicles, so there will be no difficult hikes during this trip.

There will be a good amount of driving as we seek wildlife and follow reports from the leaders’ friends and contacts in the area.

Gear for Birding & Wildlife Viewing

• Good quality binoculars

Photography Gear Recommendations

The best camera is the one you have with you! That said, we will help you get great photos no matter what camera you use.

This Photo Workshop is geared toward those using DSLR or Mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses, here is what we recommend that you bring:

• Bring at least 2 camera bodies – to reduce changing lenses and just in case of accidental damage to one

Recommended Lenses for Birds & Wildside

• 100-400mm (or equivalent) for birds in flight
• 500mm lens or longer for birds and wildlife

Recommended Lenses for Landscape Opportunities

• 24-105mm (or equivalent) for landscape and general purpose
• In addition you may also want to have an ultra-wide lens equivalent to about 16-35mm which may be used for fun landscapes and night sky photography.

Recommended Lenses for Macro (Bugs, Frogs, etc.)

• 100mm Macro is fine for general purpose macro photography
• 150mm Macro is best for small, quick moving subjects like frogs

Filters (Mainly for Landscape Photography)

• Polarizing Filter for removing reflections (screw in for wide-angle lenses)
• Filter Holder for 4×6″ (or similar) filters
• 2-stop Neutral Density Filter
• 8-stop (or more) Neutral Density Filter
• 2-stop Hard and/or Soft Graduated Neutral Density Filter

Other Accessories

• Tripod for long exposures, big lenses and steady video
• Flash for low light, fill light and stop action
• Better Beamer or MagMod flash extender
• Rain cover for camera
• Weather resistant Camera Bag (Backpack style is best)
• Batteries and chargers
• Lots of memory cards!
• Laptop or other downloading device

*Although we will eat our meals as a group, meals costs are not included in this tour.

Purchasing Flights

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Detailed Trip Information

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Travel Insurance

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Passport & Visa

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Itinerary Changes

The trip itinerary is developed many months ahead of time. Occasionally, despite our best planning, changes may occur during the trip, or we may be forced to alter our plans. Changes may occur because of weather, road conditions, safety concerns or other circumstances. In these situations, it is the leader(s) responsibility to carefully consider and implement appropriate alternatives. Any additional costs incurred because of changes will be the responsibility of each individual participant. Refunds will not be issued as a result of itinerary changes.

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