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Glenn Crawford

Senior Leader / Birding Guide

glenn_pn3 Glenn is a naturalist of outstanding abilities. His mastery of bird identification is excelled only by the acuity of his vision and hearing. Curious about birds as a child—he was raised in the remote village of Crooked Tree in northern Belize—Glenn began his “official” birding career as a young teenager. He was so excited about birds, he would spend days at a time in the bush studying their field marks, habits and vocalizations long before he ever owned, or knew about field guides or binoculars.

Glenn always enjoyed sharing his birding experiences and when tourists began coming to his village, he was there to show them his birds. One tourist, so impressed with Glenn’s skills, gave him his first field guide and binoculars! Glenn became an official Belizean licensed guide in 1986, and has since continued his nature studies throughout Central America. He is a born teacher, able to converse equally in English or Spanish. With Wildside for over 15 years, you can enjoy Glenn’s ever present smile and energetic leadership on each of our Central America birding focused tours!