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Feb 9, 2021 | by Adrian Binns

This week marks the 24th annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), a global initiative that encourages people to count birds in your backyard and beyond, February 12-15, 2021. The project provides a real-time snapshot of winter bird activity, with data augmenting eBird, the world’s largest wildlife database. Comparing data year-over-year allows important insights into bird trends, population changes, shifting ranges, habitat correlations, and more.

The GBBC is engaging and accessible to all.  Birds are found in every corner of the globe, from backyards, to parks, to urban concrete jungles. You don’t need special training or fancy equipment to count them, just a willingness to observe for at least 15 minutes, and identify birds that you see or hear. Online resources like eBird and All About Birds can help you learn species identification.

The GBBC is great for families, home-schoolers, or community groups. The participation of thousands of citizen-scientists is crucial – ornithologists can’t be everywhere! Last year, more than 260,000 people participated in counting 27 million individual birds, documenting 6,942 species from 194 countries – the world is truly a big backyard!

For more details on how to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count, check-out  How many birds will you count this weekend? Have fun!

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