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Jan 6, 2019 | by Kevin Loughlin

John Kricher

Author, educator, naturalist, John Kricher

John Kricher, author, educator, naturalist (in no particular order) was Bird Calls Radio‘s 150th guest! John is probably best known for his book, “A Neotropical Companion,” which recently went through a complete overhaul, becoming the full color and image-rich “The New Neotropical Companion.”

Mardi Dickinson‘s Bird Calls Radio interview with John is full of wonderful tales and information… and an ‘unofficial’ announcement that involves Wildside’s owner, Kevin Loughlin. When talking about the Galapagos Islands, a destination to where John and Kevin will be co-leading a Galapagos tour in June 2019, John mentioned that he and Kevin will be collaborating on an overhaul of another of John’s books!

Galapagos: A Natural History” was published as a hard cover by Smithsonian in 2000, as a soft cover in 2002 by Princeton University Press. Like the other book, it is time for an overhaul to become full-color and image-rich… and Kevin does have a few images from his 34 tours to the Galapagos since 2001!

Work on the book is set to begin in the coming months. When will it be completed? Good question… quality takes time. We will certainly keep you apprised of the progress!

In the meantime, be sure to listen to John’s interview on Bird Calls Radio, especially the middle and end of the interview!

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