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Jul 17, 2022 | by Adrian Binns

If you’ve ever dreamed of photographing big cats, elephants, and birds on iconic plains of Africa, check-out this wonderful opportunity! Wildside Nature Tours’ photo instructor extraordinaire Lee Hoy and senior safari guide Adrian Binns team-up to guide an outstanding Zimbabwe-Zambia photo safari in January 2023. There are 3 spaces remaining for an unforgettable, immersive experience among some of Africa’s most wild and amazing landscapes. Photographers enjoy up-close encounters with a wide range of wildlife amid stunning scenery, with ample time to observe, learn, and capture images of a lifetime.

Hwange, Zimbabwe’s flagship National Park, is a true wilderness area teeming with large grazing herds and ever-present predators. Abundant elephant, buffalo, giraffe, sable antelope, gemsbok and wildebeest move through grasslands, followed by lion, cheetah and endangered wild dog. We’ll explore the savanna and stake-out salt pans to photograph animals as they engage in their daily struggle to survive.

Elephants chasing lions away in front of Davison’s Camp

At water holes we’ll enjoy up-close encounters with elephants of all ages. These huge, majestic animals are mesmerizing, providing countless photo ops from ground-level hides, some just meters from our camp.

Avian diversity is stunning, allowing great chances to observe and photograph waders, raptors, vultures, and many more. We’ll have ample time to photograph birds in action, flying or foraging in the landscape.

White-crowned Lapwing

Our safari wraps-up in Zambia, where we track White Rhinoceros on foot, visit Victoria Falls and cruise the Zambezi River looking for bee-eaters, lapwings, African Skimmers and the shy African Finfoot.

Join our Zimbabwe-Zambia photo safari in January 2023, for an unforgettable wilderness experience!

Rufous-naped Lark

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