Baby Birds from June Tours!

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Jul 13, 2022 | by Alex Lamoreaux

Our spring and summer tours offer great opportunities to see nesting birds, fledglings, and juveniles! We had many great sightings of young birds on our recent tours around Maine, Oregon, and California and I just wanted to share a few photo highlights below….

Two fluffy Common Eider ducklings foraging close to shore in a large group of over 100 eiders at Pond Cove, Maine!

A recently-fledged “Plain Titmouse” at Lava Beds National Monument. The titmice here are considered hybrids of Oak and Juniper Titmouse… the only location where the two range’s of these birds are considered to meet. This was one of three juveniles being fed by their parents when we visited the campground there.

A very recently-fledged juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird flew over and landed on Mark Amershek’s shoulder! This cowbird was being tended to by a pair of Brewer’s Blackbirds.

One of two juvenile Prairie Falcons which were begging for food from their parents along the cliffs at Petroglyph Point in northern California. This location is one of my favorite spots… you can see 100s of ancient petroglyphs carved into the rocks while Prairie Falcon, Golden Eagle, Swainson’s Hawk, and White-throated Swifts soar overhead!

An adorably angry-looking Mountain Bluebird fledgling from southern Oregon’s Cascade Mountains!

At the same site as the bluebird, this juvenile Canada Jay was part of a nice flock we saw there one morning – the only Canada Jays of the tour!

This is a duckling Common Merganser! Or a Common Mergling! We saw this duckling on two occasions at a pond high in the Cascades of southern Oregon. Oddly we never saw any adults there… a loner at a young age!


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