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Dec 30, 2019 | by Sal Ingraham

The 23rd Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival features a full program of photography workshops. These workshops are presented and sponsored by Wildside Nature Tours. They provide a fantastic lineup of photography instructors, teaching a wide range of techniques.

Among the instructors are Joe Brady, Lee Hoy, Rob Knight, and of course Kevin Loughlin. Each instructor is offering several workshops. Here are some highlights:

Joe Brady

Photographing Birds of Prey — Up Close & Personal Raptor Portraiture
Telling a story through eyes, gesture and movement… 

Raptors are such magnificent creatures and their majesty and beauty deserves to be captured and shared. In this photo shoot, rather than photographing these birds in the wild, we’ll have the opportunity to create portraits in a controlled environment and use lights to add sparkle to the eyes and luster and depth to the plumage. On birds as with people, the eyes tell the story and having the ability to do close-ups will add impact and drama to the bird portraits we create. Florida Wildlife Hospital staff will provide a variety of beautiful native Florida raptors that include Great Horned Owl, Barn Owl, Red-shouldered Hawk and American Kestrel. These beautiful birds will be perched on native perches, thus providing perfect conditions to produce amazing, intimate images

Find the rest of Joe’s workshops HERE.

Join Joe Brady for a birding and photography adventure in the Galapagos, July 2020!

Lee Hoy

Bird Photography & Understanding the Trinity of Photography

On this field trip, the photographer will develop an understanding of the three key elements of any exposure which are ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture (F-Stop). As we adjust any one of these three elements, we fundamentally change some aspect of our exposure. Trinity refers to a group consisting of three closely related members. Any photographer seeking to have creative and technical control over their images must learn to master these three elements and be able to adjust them as a situation, desired end, or lighting warrants. Too many photographers rely on the automatic settings of the camera and just capture “snapshots.” In order to retain full control over the creative aspect of our photography, we must
understand the trinity of photography and be able to make changes on the fly.

While you must learn how the controls of your camera work (and this is critically important), your
camera’s manual will not help you understand exposure and how the three elements work together to create an image. For our purposes, we will be focusing on using the “Manual” or “M” exposure setting on our camera that then places the photographer in complete control of the ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture (f-stop).

Every participant will be given in-the-field assistance in learning how to control each aspect of their image. Even if your camera doesn’t have a fully manual mode, you will still learn how each element of an exposure comes together to create a final image.

Find the rest of Lee Hoy’s workshops HERE.

Join Lee Hoy for a photography workshop in Big Bend or Yellowstone National Park, or further abroad – Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, or the Galapagos!

Rob Knight

Get More Creative Photography – Silhouettes and Contrast

Exploring how light works begins with contrast and silhouettes of the first light of day. Gain a better understanding of how to observe the ever-changing light and shadows and learn how to move to capture your best image. Like any skill, thinking and seeing creatively becomes easier the more you do it. Rob will show you exercises you can do to help you find your unique point of view and hone your photographic style. You will learn tips and techniques you can practice to tune in to your surroundings and develop your creative vision. No matter your skill level or your favorite photography subject, this class will give you ideas for creating images that come from your heart. Bring your gear, or borrow cameras and lenses from Olympus. Rob will help you to take advantage of photographic opportunities, and make the most of what ever equipment you’re using.

Find the rest of Rob Knight’s workshops HERE.

Join Rob Knight in the Grand Tetons for a spring or fall photography experience!

Kevin Loughlin

Light, Shadow, Background! – Indoor and Outdoor Sessions

The art of photography is based upon light and shadow. Having a proper understanding of exposure will help you create better images of any subject and take your photography to the next level! What lies behind your subject can make or break your final image. Learning to pay attention to all elements in your image, especially the background, will help you get better photos. we will discuss using different lenses and depth of focus to isolate your subject or show it in its environment. NOTE: The classroom session is highly recommended if you plan to register for the field trip!

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Join Kevin Loughlin for an immersive photography adventure in Antartica, Alaska, up the Amazon River, or to the Galapagos (for the 40+ time!)

Find the complete list of photography workshops offered during Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival HERE! 

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